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DRZ400SM...buying tips

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by L0Ki, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. So say I know of a one.

    Its a bit rough. 2005 model, <5000kms.

    I like to think I know a bit about this model of bike. But knowing aint helping me when i get to checking it out.

    So i know of the primary nut coming loose and the suto cam chain tensioner packing in on these, but these are not really things i can check on a inspection.

    So this is where my fellow netriders come in handy. What should i be on the lookout for? What kind of noise does a broken cam chain tensioner make? Any way to tell whether the engine in an Ok state of tune?

    Thanks for any tips. Im sure there stuff I've forgotten to ask. Its just that you (or atleast I) get so excited at the prospect of owning a new bike. So if there is anything I've potentially overlooked please tell me ;)


    EDIT: I knew there was something I forgot to ask. The bike is currently unregistered. Since 2007 so am i right in thinking all it needs is a blue slip and then rego? Or is there something else.
  2. Are we talking about the nut between the handlebars and the seat here? :LOL:
  3. From what i understand these are pretty bullet proof.

    Just look for the obvious things that you would check with any bike and you should be ok.

    Also you should be able to pick up a bike of that age pretty cheap, DRZ's are cheap brand new so make sure you know what it's worth and don't pay anymore.
  4. might come in handy

    paochow. com/DRZguide/DRZguide.php
  5. hey mate,

    i just bought a 2009 model DRZ-400SM for $8,500 on the road. make sure u know what they are worth, im my opinion, if he wants more than about 5,500 your better off going brand new. u get full 12 months warranty and u know its never been touched :)

    just my 2c.....

  6. Write a review of this bike mate! I was looking at it very keenly when i was hunting for a bike.

    How's the acceleration to 100?

    How is sitting on 110 on the highway?
  7. Sitting on 110 on the highway is........ not fun. It can do it, and probably all day long, but the acceleration from 110 is a walking pace and makes it sketchy with big trucks and the like around.

    Acceleration to 80kph is good, and putting a pipe on it and rejetting makes the throttle response heaps better. It was a good learner bike but definitely lacking top end.