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DRZ400E or similar as a second bike - seeking assistance

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by MelbourneMick, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. I have been considering getting a second bike just to use as a runabout and bang around the burbs on and that is fun to ride as well.

    Something reliable and cheap.

    I have considered something along the lines of a DRZ 400E however the seat height is a bit high for my liking. i'm just 5' 7"...and "all torso" according to Rolkus of this forum !
    I would be happy with a 250CC as well - cheaper reg and insurance.

    These bikes are not my forte so I was wondering (due to that big rear spring) if it is possible to lower them without affecting the handling too much?

    Alternatively I am open to suggestions of other bikes of similar standing.

    Not interested in a dedicated road bike as I already have one.

    Any ideas, tips, constructive criticism welcome.


  2. Assuming that the DR-Z has the usual Suzuki Full Floater arrangement, it should be susceptible to the addition of longer suspension links. Drop the yokes down the forks to keep it levelish and you should be sorted. The DR650 is set up from the factory to allow a 40-50 mm drop by juggling spacers in the forks and on the shock. I don't know if this eminently sensible idea was carried into the DR-Z. If it was, you've got another option there.

    Dropping the suspension will obviously limit your ground clearance. Unless you're riding really rough trails with major logs and rocks to get over, I don't see that as a problem. Cornering clearance on bitumen will suffer but seeing as, on most stock trailies, if you touch anything down you've probably already crashed I doubt if this will impose much of a limit either.
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  4. Thanks for the info Pat. Definitely something to keep in mind and those adjustments don't seem like major surgery either.
    Appreciated !
  5. I am not convinced i am going to get the reliability out of one of those Chinese bikes. But I'm happy to have someone prove me wrong or reduce my concerns with further info.

    Thanks for the link to the TTR250 as I hadn't considered these. The seat height is 910mm with is 25mm lower than they DRZ400E.
    But that's still 100mm higher than my road bike.

    Maybe I need to chuck a leg over one and see how it is.
  6. it does appeal
    the little thumpers are a lots of noisy fun around the burbs.
    even the 2 fiftys nowadays have enough go because they're light and torquey.
    but i would definately opt for super retard rims over the 21 inch front.
    don't stress about the height. just have to slide over the seat when you stop to flat foot one side. not that much heavier than a bmx anyway.
    part of the fun is sitting high in the saddle. in fact much of the time you find yourself riding around standing up.
    don't lower it. the vision from up there is a huge advantage in heavy traffic.

    the drz400sm has several worthy competitors now in the same price bracket.
  7. MT1 is right. The added height of a road trail bike improves your safety as it dramatically increases your field of vision. You will find yourself wondering "why is this road painted with double lines" when you realize that the cars can see a lot less of what's coming up ahead than you can. And it has obvious advantages in heavy-traffic situations as MT1 said.
  8. Ahhhh there is something i guess I hadn't taken into account is the weight difference ! Thanks for brining that up. Maybe I am over thinking the whole 10cm seat height difference as a negative instead of leading ways to a accommodate it

    I have thought about the Motards but that little front wheel just doesn't look right. I'm sure there is a difference between that and they 17" rims I just haven't researched that part yet.

    If it isn't too much hassle could you list a few of the competitors to the DRZ ? Then I can have a closer look.
    Or the 250's that are worth considering.

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  10. they are not cheap to maintain either
  11. drz400sm competitors >

    husqvarna smr 449

    those are probably moreso reliable day to day, as opposed to high performance, high service interval super retards.

    there are some other real crackers, like aprilia sxv550. some of the huskies. but high maintenance.

    second hand ktm duke or ktm smc if you can find a good example, another option.
    but parts cost dollars

    and rare as hens teeth but low seat that you can actually sit on, and a plugger of a donk, aprilia pegaso 650ie with 17 inch rims
  12. WR250 is high maintenance, KLX250SF has no power. Should put the XR650L/R on that list too.
  13. good call
    the 650 honda is a beast
  14. Has anyone had experiences with the TTR250?
  15. I might start a thread about the TTR250
  16. ttr250 is old tech and too slow, you would not enjoy it riding around on the street, just too sluggish.

    wr250x is a good option with fuel injection and 6 speed gearbox for a better spread of ratio's to make the most of the 250cc
  17. Cheers Jimmy !
    Starting to narrow the field down a little the. I can go ride a few and see what suits.