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DRZ400e motard conversion advice

Discussion in 'Supermoto' started by gasman, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm new to the forums and also still new to the country. I have been looking at getting a DRZ400sm for a while now, but the cost has always put me off a bit. After looking around I came across a DRZ400e with 4000kms for $2.5k since it is a 2000 model and was mostly used off road. Slightly beaten up but nothing I cant fix. From what I can gather after reading the internet, the 2000 models had a few differences in the suspension and also the "e" has a higher power output compared to the sm.

    The bike will only be used to get around town and to work and never on the trails so a motard conversion makes sense, especially since I am also on my tippy toes when I ride it.

    I found some SM forks, swing arms and rear shock for $650, but I am having a hard time finding wheels. One option for that would be to do the conversion using cast wheels , the other would be to go and get a conversion kit from motostrano and shipped over from the states. (I would post links, but being my first post on the forum, I can't)

    which wheel option would be the best to go for, and is the SM suspension worth adding onto the bike? since i would also have to source the SM calipers to make it all work.

    I'm also not to clued up on good/cheap Australian parts suppliers yet, so any pointers there? I'm located in Sydney btw.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Cheapest would be sticking dual sport tires on. I thought the e forks were better than the sm ones?

    Check out thumpertalk, they'll have the answer.
  3. Can’t remember the specifics, suspension/geometry differences were a key one, non oem cast wheels being sh1t was another with cbr250 wheels too skinny, brake conversion kits sold were pretty sh1t with mounts bending on the gixxer rotor and bolts snapping, also an issue. Basically almost enough for him to sell the E and get the SM, but he relented as he still uses it for trail riding. Very occasionally the oem wheels float past on ebay, keep your eyes peeled. He's central coast btw, AFAIK he's not using the CBR wheels if want to get in touch.
  4. Well I've been trolling TT for the past few days and have decided to stick with the E suspension and swap on a set of CBR wheels that I got cheap with tyres and discs.

    I think this setup would be well within my limits since I am still learning to ride basically.

    Does anybody have recommendations as to who could machine up some spacers to fit the wheels in Sydney?

    Also recommendations for competent sydney bike workshops?
  5. Cant help, he bought a 'kit' of the spacer designs off some place on the web which you've prob seen, had the guys at his work prepare them based on the specs.
  6. Torpedo7 has an SM wheelset that regularly goes on sale. Not sure how good they are but they work with the stock speedo apparently (although you'll need a speedo drive from an SM if you want accurate speed and aren't quick at maths).