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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by MatthewB, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. For starters, i think this should be posted in the law section but i had insufficient privileges to post there.
    Also i tried searching for my answer and couldnt find anything.

    So, i was talking to a mate (learner) and he mentioned he wanted a DRZ400, they are learner approved according to vic roads.
    But i calculated the power to weight as follows, which i believe to be correct.

    1tonne divided by bike weight plus 90kg rider weight multplied by kW of power,
    1000kg / 228kg X 35.8kW = 157.017kw per tonne.

    so vicroads specifies that for a bike to be learner approved it must be under 660cc and under 150kW per tonne.
    this bike comes in at 157kW per tonne.
    So my question is why is this bike learner approved?

    Is there some special exception im missing?

    Any clarification would be much appreciated.


  2. Are you sure it has 35 KWs?
  3. According to bikesales specs, yes it has 35kW.
  4. That's a mistake AFAIK as the DRZ400sm is well below that mark, but I'm not sure about the DRZ400E, don't go telling Vicroads!
  5. I think that's a brake horsepower figure. Kilowatts are about 75 percent of bhp.
  6. Oh trust me, i wont be telling vicroads anything! ;)
    Personally i think the more bikes that learners can ride the better.
    I was just wondering if they had made a mistake or there was a reason for the allowance.
  7. They might not know there is a difference, as the list simply states DRZ400. But by that token, they very well may deny the DRZ400E LAMS rego when it comes time.
  8. Good point there!
    I will be giving my mate that warning about denied rego when i see him next.
    But then again he is the sort of bloke who will probably buy it anyway.
  9. Dirt bikes seem to have a different set of rules.
    Just look at the KTM 500EXC 50.2 rear-wheel horsepower and 111.5kg
    1000kg / 111.5kg+90kg rider X 37.3kW = 185KW per tonne (using rear wheel Kw)
  10. That's very interesting. It would be good to know the reasoning for the difference in acceptable power and the specific limitations on power.
  11. DRZ400 would be lucky to make 35hp, let alone KW...
  12. According to the specs on MCS power for the DRZ400E is 39.7 hp or 29.2 kW and weighs 132kg (dry).
  13. Aprilia 5.5 SXV, 70bhp, 122kg, LAMS approved.
  14. The aprilia comes restricted off the shelf to something like 40hp. Of course everyone removes the restrictions instantly but that is why its on the lams list. KTM I think again they use restricted horsepower figures but I don't think they are restricted Here like they are in some markets (eg USA mainly for emissions standards)
  15. So i am assuming that all the bike on the lams list that exceed the power to weight ratio are based on the restricted figures as opposed to the unrestricted figures?
    Makes sense i guess :S