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DRZ400 versus XR400

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by idontlikemondays, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. yeah, the idea of getting a traily that i can take the swag on in becoming more and more appealing.
    im not after a nut busting bush pig that will scream throught the bush at mach 6. im after something reliable, durable and versatile.

    ive narrowed it down to these two bikes. so far the elementary differences that i know are that the DRZ has two advantages, water cooling and an electronic leg, but are they as proven as the XR?

    i really am out of my depth with dirt bikes, ie what is alot of kilometers, things to look out for when buying etc etc, so any advice on these bikes or buying trailies in general would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I had exactly the same choice 3 years ago and went for the Suzi, purely because of the electric start. The water cooled factor wasn't an issue to me.

    The XR is an absolute proven bike in every regard. I owned an XR200 years ago and it was bulletproof. My undrestanding is that Honda have dropped the XR400 but I could be wrong.

    (Incidentally, i rode a KTM 250 4 stroke recently and loved it. Reckon I'd have to consider it if I was in the market again. It kept up with my DRZ in every regard and was actually a bit easier to ride. I'm no lightweight at 90kg and 6 feet tall. The KTM was a real surprise)
  3. Having an electric start on a dirt bike can be really really nice and yes the XR400 is superseded.

    Having said that either will do the job you want fine.

    Are you talking about off road touring though?

    Because a DR650 might be enough for your needs (bit more road orientated).
  4. I've ridden both the dr and the xr on road and off road. The DR would be my preference on the electronic start alone. When the XR is cold and doesn't want to start, it can be a biatch of a thing. The XR is also a much older design than the DR. That being said, they are both tops to ride and once in the bush, you will have an absolute ball on either one...And once you're done in the bush, with a few alterations, how does a motard sound?? mmm... I think I'm talking myself into another dirt bike here!!
  5. Even when the XR4s were still available most of the tour operators up north were running the DRZs. The early ones had issues with cam chain tensioners that can easily be resolved, and I heard that some had crank nuts that undid themselves and started to grind on the engine casing. Also easy to check and fix. Newer ones had neither problem.

    I have ridden both. The brakes and handling are much the same. Weight much the same. The DRZ is a tall bike, but great if you are tall. They need bar raisers if you plan to do much riding standing. I think the DRZ had better suspension. The XRs don't have a keyed ignition if I recall correctly so they are marginally less secure if you plan to travel and stay at pubs etc.

    All in all, I'd go the Suzi! They are VERY cheap for what they are these days, only because the weekend warriors want the latest and greatest 400/450 lightweight rockets.
  6. thanks for the responses everyone, yeah commuting, off road touring and trail riding is what i intend to do with it.
    thanks macman for the tech info stuff like that is especially what im interested in.
    i looked into and considered 650s, and yeah better for the off road touring stuff, but when ill be doing more commuting and trails on it, im willing to sacrafice the extra 250cc for the lighter weight and better petrol consumption.

    thanks again guys