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DRZ250 vs DRZ400 Which Is better?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Rider2000, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. hey guys!
    so after posting about 3 or 4 threads trying to get to the bottom of this, i have decided to get a road trail.
    im torn between whether or not to get the DRZ250 or 400. im leaning more towards the 400 but as i have only ever ridden a xr100, im not quite sure how ill handle the jump. any experiences, thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated, maybe even recommend another bike :D

  2. Mate you should know by now where this thread belongs. The next one that gets dumped in the General forum might just vanish.
  3. From what I understand, it's at least a year before you can get your learners. Save up your money, do some research (rather than asking opinions because everyone is going to be different), do some test rides and buy the best bike that you like riding for the money you have when you are able. If you keep making posts now about "which one is better?" by the time you get around to buying a bike, there might be a better bike out there for you!
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  4. Buy whatever suits your needs that has about 50hp which is effectively the learner legal limit. You're young and DRs are easy to work on, that's a solid opportunity to better yourself.
  5. I went from a CB250 to a DRZ400 and although it has more power and a slightly higher top speed.. it isn't scary power. That said, full throttle in first while sitting further back on the seat WILL lift the front wheel so there's definitely some grunt.

    I think it's a great bike, not quite big enough for long distance highway rides but can handle the ocassional squirt. Great fun in terms of options. On your way home from work.. "Hey look at that trail.. wonder where it goes, too bad I'm on a.... oh wait!".

    If I had my choice I'd pick the DRZ400 again, then again I'd probably go bigger again for a bit more highway capacity.
  6. No bike is better or worse than any other, different bikes suit different people, and we can't tell you which one will suit you best.

    Only you can do that!
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  7. I just went from a GPX250 to a DRZ400 (albeit the SM) and gotta say having that little extra 400 power on tap definitely makes me feel a bit safer on the freeway and making sure I can get out of harm's way.

    Either way, the DRZ family *is* super reliable and easy to work on, with plenty of OEM and aftermarket parts available, so you can't really go wrong with either.
  8. I've owned a DRZ 400 and its a great dual purpose bike. A little heavy for tight off road work but great for flowing fire trails with plenty of power to take on any hills.
    It has good speed for riding on road to the trails but not an all day road trip due to a narrow seat and with knobby tyres stay alert. Wherever you ride the 400 has plenty of power and great acceleration.

    Mates have the DRZ 250 and it will go any where a 400 will but just lacking the power to kick the tail out on turns or rooster tails along trails and the 250 suspension is not as good as the 400.
    If I had the choice and was thinking long term ownership, I would choose the 400. My previous bike was an XR 250, and when I got the 400 it made me a better rider. Hope this helps, either bike will be a big improvement on the 100.
  9. There would have to be a very good reason to buy the 250 over the 400. I cant think of one. I own a 400, I've had 250's and 500's in the past as well as big 2 strokes. The 400 will do everything you want in a 400 trail bike as well as short highway speed cruises, and with some mods you can make it work on the highway without killing its use on trails.
  10. The only way you would buy the 250 over the 400 is price and only you can answer that.
  11. thanks everbody, the only reason i keep posting these threads is so that i can get a feel for what peoples experiences are and so that i can get as much knowledge from fellow riders as i can, sorry if its annoying some people
  12. I own the 250, the 400 is generally better but the 250 was a good price when i got it and its just for fcuking around.

    Depends on the price. New i would pay for the 400

    The 250 does have a kick as well which is a nice backup.
  13. thanks man :D
  14. Drizzle is right. It's a no brainer imho.

    Dr Z 400. The SM version is the way to go. Better brakes, lockable fuel tank, and the 17 inch wheels allow for a huge variety of tyres, including sticky sports rubber. And the punchy 400cc Yoshi engine is a gem that offers an excellent compromise between
    power and reliability.

    24 Suzuki DR-Z400SM Motorbikes for Sale - bikesales.com.au

    The E model is geared (sprocketed) way
    too short for road use.