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Drz-400E w/ Motard kit

Discussion in 'Archived' started by enigma--, Dec 9, 2012.

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  1. #1 enigma--, Dec 9, 2012
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2013
    Had this all set up to sell to a mate just before xmas, however, he has started working 7 days a week (blergh!) and has decided now is not the right time. Thus the EOI, whacking this up to see if it can gather any! Wanting to try something else, so one of my bikes has to go!

    Originally bought as a bike to try some dirt riding, which I did, I also set it up a motard. Has been serviced regularly, and had the valves checked a month or two ago.

    Bike: 2001 Drz-400E, yellow

    Mods: Barkbusters, B&B Bashplate, C&C case covers, Tail tidy unit (original looks vulnerable to a stick/rock), LED indicators on the rear, Trailtech speedo, different mirrors.

    Comes with both dirt wheels with road legal knobbies, as well as a set of 17s for the motard with plenty of rubber left. Has a different chain for both set ups, sharing the same front sprocket. Also has two front guards(one dirt, one motard)

    Also have a bunch of spares sitting around, indicators, stock fender, front tyre. More as well but I haven't written a list!

    Km’s: ~8800km. Took off original speedo unit (shows 8xxx kms) and the trailtech has a few hundred on it now.

    Condition: Excellent mechanical, cosmetically it looks a bit rough, but runs well! Nothing a sticker kit wouldn't fix! I pulled the one off that was on there when I bought it as I thought it looked terrible (ford stickers on a bike?!) and just haven’t put a new one on.

    Rego and rwc: Rego is till October 2013, RWC is entirely negotiable. I am working 6 days a week at the moment on the other side of town, so can just work it out at sale time!

    Price: $4200 as a motard, $3300 dirt only, neg!

    PM for more info or for number!




  2. I have a feeling I might have seen you out on this when I was heading up to Yea this morning..

    Looks like it would be a blast to ride. Good luck with the sale!

    Also, what's with the brake bracket? Have you put larger discs on it?
  3. Yep, i was out and about, takung it for a last spin! thanks for the luck!

    It is bigger. 320mm disc, and thats the relocator bracket. pulls you up nice and quick!
  4. Price adjusted, but negotiable!
  5. Back from overseas :)

    Added some new pics now it looks a bit better, and also updated the price!
  6. If only I could touch the ground on one of these
  7. In the same boat, dwarfism is sucky
  8. Ducks Disease. When your arse to close to the ground
  9. Haha. I'm a touch short of 6 foot, with the dirt wheels it's a struggle, with the 17's it's ok, still pretty tall though!
  10. Price drop and added some info!
  11. BUMP
    I can vouch this is an amazing bike to ride, and bucketloads of fun! If I had the funds available I would have bought this by now.

    PS: The supersport riders were doing a double take when they saw what I was on when I passed them on reefton!
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  12. how many teeth on front n back sprockets, suiting motard version ?
  13. 14 front ... 39 im pretty sure, back. dirt is a 45 with the 14.
  14. Ok, for some reason I can't find the edit button for my first post!

    Now $3100 as a trail bike, still full reg.

    Motard kit an extra $700

    This is just sitting around, prices are negotiable as is RWC, I want it gone (well, I don't, but I do :) )

    Please don't hesitate to PM!

  15. what is the seat height with the dirt set up ?
  16. all good found the info

    836mm at lowest setting

    which equates to "too fkn high for me"
  17. Shame :(

    I don't know if you can get a lowering kit for these? A quick ebay search shows you can... They are a very tall bike!
  18. Yeah and I only roll in at 5' 7" ! Haha

    Do you have a link to that lowering kit ?
  19. Its worth sitting on and trying Mick. I'm pretty sure I've tried one of these and because its a light bike its a lot easier to manage the height.
  20. pm sent.

    they are a tall bike (duh), but are a lot lighter than a roady!
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