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Drying riding gear??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by rid3r, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Now the wet season has come. I'm starting to find the traditional methods of drying don't work quite as well i.e. hang the jacket/pants outside to dry after coming home from work through the rain. The air is still damp thus in the morning, the jacket is damp/still wet.

    How else do you guys dry your clothes?

    I've thought about using the clothes dryer, but will this damage my textiles?

    Also thought about hanging the clothes in front of heater, but it's a pain having clothes hanging around the lounge room every day.

    What do you guys do?
  2. do you have cnetral heating?
    One thing I do, I let the 'wet dripping stuff hang in the laundry and open door/window for cross draft, then mop the water up [keep sweet with the missus]
    I have central heating so can place things over the vents to dry.
    Dont put textiles into dryer, and dont place them close to direct flame/heat or they will melt.
  3. No I don't have central heating. The only heating I have is a portable gas heater, and a split air-cond.

    That would have been great, but I don't have that luxury, unfortunately.

    Yeah, that was my only concern - I've heard others say that placing textiles in the dryer may cause the material to wrinkle up.
  4. An A/C is great as it removes moisture from the air even better if its reverse cycle and heats too. For those with leather, it will need to be conditioned as it may dry out too much and split.
  5. as above, split air will move theair, take the moisture out, run that with your gas heater. you can also wipe down as much of the wet stuff before you hang it up, the other thing that may help, remove liners before you hang them up
  6. Always have 2 sets of everything that you'd use in the winter.
    Too much of a risk riding uncomfortable and wet or damp. At least have 2 pairs of boots, rain jacket or textile jacket.
    Personally I always ride with leathers and just put on a wind/rain jacket over the top. That way you just dry one/wear one. Boots always take ages to dry. Buy a couple of cheaper items that you can put over your good gear.
    My 2 cents,
  7. The only items I dry are my winter gloves and boots which have matching speed holes. With the gloves when it is soaking wet, I firstly clean it in hot water (soapy if you don't want it to smell damp later) and then throw it in the washing machine for a spin cycle only (800RPM). After that I leave the gloves and boots on my portable clothes hanger/horse which sits over a small electric heater in my bedroom. To hasten the drying time without increasing the heater, I put a beach towel over the whole lot to keep the heat in, but making sure there is still enough air flow to ensure my house doesn't catch on fire. Heats the room up while drying up the gear...works every time :)
  8. clothes horse and a gas heater with a fan. dry in 20-30 minutes. Don't have to sweet talk the missus, she just got her licence too!
  9. clothes dryer is OK if it doesn't get too hot. tiger angel think home dryers are too hot for their textiles and recommend using a commercial one at a laundromat. my home one is OK on low but I check fairly regularly to see it doesn't get too hot. (You need the heat to reproof gortex).
  10. Indoor clothes rack + dehumidifier?

    Lucky for me at work there is a little hot water system in the cupboard under the sink so I stick any gear in there when I arrive and it is nice and dry by the time I go home.
  11. Yes... drying your gear outdoors in the freezing cold is not gonna cut it, you're right.

    Central or indoor heating is now your one and only friend. I wouldn't suggest and have never tried to use a dryer. The only method i use is manning all central heating outlets throughout the house and then constantly rotate and adjust them so the drying is even.

    Pain in the arse but very effective.
  12. Best bet is forget textile gear. Buy yourself a leather jacket and whatever flavour of pants rings your bell. Then just pop on some cheap plastic raingear over the top. ie raincoat and pants. You will stay heaps warmer and drier than textile gear. And you don't have to worry about drying a plastic raincoat.
    Wet boots and gloves. I can live with that. 5 minutes in the rain and they're wet again anyway.
  13. Maybe buy the appropriate gear for the conditions probably save on heating bills in the long run.
  14. If you use leather, always let it dry naturally, if you attempt to dry it with heat it will crack and get ruined. Leather can be waterproofed reasonably well using renapur (which conditions it) and a waterproofing spray (i use motorex protex spray). It can waterproof almost anything and the water just beads right off. Worth a shot, otherwise invest in some decent winter gear. I have RST all season textiles and just spent 6-8 hours riding in the rain the other day, held up really well and was only a little damp at the end.
  15. I gotta agree with that. But I've go e a step further with my bike gloves, I leave them on the exhaust to warm up and dry out a bit.