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Dry clutch for commute?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mr_Ignorant, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. Does anyone here ride daily with a dry clutch? Just wondering how fast the clutch eats itself and how hard it is to handle in traffic.

  2. Shouldnt be any different.
    Cars and trucks run dry clutches.
  3. Cars and trucks are lame and boring.

    Food for thought :LOL:
  4. But cars and trucks would eat their clutches if the driver constantly slips it....? Wouldn't the same happen with a bike with dry clutch.

    Mmmm nothing like the smell of burning clutch on the morning..... :shock:
  5. I will never have a bike with a dry-clutch.

    Friggin' tambourine bolted to the side of your bike.
  6. "Mmmm nothing like the smell of burning clutch IN the morning....... smells like victory..."

    Sorry,.,.,.,.,.,.,. me bad couldn't help the edit.
  7. One of the few things I dont like about my ZX-14 is that it has a noisy clutch.

    I spoke to the mechanic at the first service and he reckoned that a lot of modern bikes, especially the sports/sports tourer's have a minimum amount of oil getting sent to the clutch so that on a lot of bikes the clutch is pretty noisy.

  8. +1 the noise would be my biggest concern...
  9. just quietly, what's the difference?
  10. Instead of using engine oil to lubricate the plates as they take up it's... well, dry.

    Quicker take up. Chews through plates as well though. Make fcuking irritating rattling noises like Ktulu says.
  11. #11 say_wat, Dec 18, 2008
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    As you can see, it sounds sexier than a normal clutch... that video doesn't do it justice, you have to hear it in real life.

    Ktulu and Morbo are just afraid they'll end up being too sexy for our humble roads.
  12. Ha Ha

    I ride my s4 daily. I don't have any problem handling the dry clutch in traffic and I LIKE the noise!

    As to durability, from talking to mechanics, my understanding is that if you don't abuse or "ride" the clutch more than strictly necessary then a quality dry clutch will last just fine. I guess I'm going to find out one way or another!
  13. lol touche. I can't argue with that :LOL:

    I know people like the noise...

    ....strange, sexy people...
  14. Bmw R1100s here daily commute and the bike has now done 84000kms
    Dry clutch is a non issue
    Best thing is you can use any engine oil in the engine as it doesn't affect clutch performance.
    No need to worry about dry clutch.
  15. You being funny? ;)
  16. I refused to look in Ducati's direction before the new wet clutch 848 came out :p

    The tambourine analogy was great :LOL:
  17. To give you an idea, I got about 35,000km with my dry clutch. Mostly riding in country though. :grin:
  18. dry clutch sounds like a great way for the bike manufacturer to sell more clutches.....

    Henry Ford once wrote that he would give the damn things away just so long as you let him sell the spare parts.......

  19. BMW dry clutches last forever.
  20. Forever??? :)

    Why are they so damn noisy???

    Cars have dry clutches, but they are centered on the input shaft from the gearbox into the flywheel...

    The only clutches that are noisy are Brass Button clutches if they don't have a sprung center... and then it is only when you are slipping the clutch to take off...