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Dry as a Bone

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Supernego, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. Australia is the driest inhabited continent with prolonged droughts.
    However, it seems our national dress is a black fraking raincoat..:roll:
    Couldn't they at least use Dririder? :grin:

  2. Yeah. I saw the picture in the newspaper and thought it was a bit uninspiring. There was so much potential. Like the Chasers' flannos and stubbies :LOL:
  3. The choice of dress was left to little Johnny and his wife, should we really have expected any better? The guy obviously has fantasies about being the Man from Snowy River.
  4. Bwahahahaha

    A mambo shirt, outback clothing (that we wear 90% of the time not just if/when it rains), or anything apart from the dry-as-a-bone :facepalm: ](*,)

    Anywho johny and fashion dont really go together :LOL:

  5. Wrong on most counts, I'm afraid. Australia gets millions of gallons of rainfall, but unfortunately most of it falls on areas that don't need it, and little of it falls on areas that do. Far north Queensland and the tropics get enough rain each year to provide water for the rest of the country, but the rest of the county lives elsewhere....

    As for the coats, I guess nothing other than a Kevin Rudd T-shirt would have satisfied most of you lot, so nothing more need be said.....
  6. You must have confused Australia with Austria!!! , like your friend Bush...
    Time for some education: Australia IS THE DRIEST CONTINENT..
    Peru should have the raincoats and we should stick to hats and sunblock..

    So, in case you missed school:


    As for your Kevin Rudd T-shirt VS. Johnny from Snowy River, Australia will answer you soon. When Hitler was locked in his buncker, waiting for the allies to come, people around him stopped cheering. They realised they were backing the wrong horse all along and stayed quiet. When are you going to so the same? Howard's Australia will be our future shame, something our kids will have to carry on their shoulders. Try to start a conversation about the war with a German GEN X&Y. The shame that was passed on to them from their grandparents is something that really makes them mad.
    So maybe you missed the news:
    "Australia invaded another country and is responsible for at least 40000 deaths of innocent people. And John Howard pulled the trigger"
    So :-$ :-$ :-$ :-$ :-$ :-$ :-$
  7. Not worthy of an answer, especially from one who's probably seen at least double Australia's history personally than you have......
  8. Yes dementia does have its perks Paul. :wink:
  9. Stupid double post!
  10. Oh good god - always entertained by a bit of Johnny bashing, but you're seriously comparing him with Hitler now??? :roll: Get a grip...
  11. Yeah, 'cause there's a group we all want to emulate and be associated with. :roll:

    Honestly, what's wrong with using the Driza-Bone? Identifiably Australian.... Australian owned.... Australian made.... and been around longer than Australia's been federated.
  12. Being old doesn't make you right, just old. :LOL: :roll: :roll:

    Maybe we shoudl have them wear "it's time" tshirts, I'm sure hornet would love that. Look what little johnny chose was boring and very safe, IMO he could have done a lot better. I reckon a nice mambo farting dog would have been the go. Would match all the hot smelly air coming from these people!

  13. That sounds similar to you mate johny when he is struggling to explain his actions...... :LOL: :roll:
  14. ^^true

    there are many people over 80 who don't have anything near the maturity i have. im not refering to politics, just simple things that we pick up that we're never thought of by those who chose to stop growing up in their 20s.

    supernego wrote

    sorry paul, you're the greatest netrider but im with super on this one.

    there's no excuse for what jonny did.

    the people of australia voted for jonny who let us down. then, right before the election he was caught out lying about the boat people.

    this ^ is a bad relationship, he showed he has no respect for australian people, just like the husband who beats his wife relationship.

    [in the words of hienz] when this sort of thing happens you have to 'wooden spoon it' to show that we dont take this crap, even if we have doubts of the other party.

    john howard invaded another country after they did nothing to us. the UN said 'dont go to war', there was no 'clear and present danger', there were no weopons, they would have been used if there were any im sure of that.

    john howard then spent 6 BILLION tax payer dollars on his 'trust me' campaign. that money could have gone towards hospitals, or the families that need help with their special children.

    john howard put fear in the minds of some voters and it paid off.

    i thought the people of austalia were fools for voting for him a second time. i have a theory,

    if the people of austalia were dumb enough to vote for him last time, then they're dumb enough to do it a forth time.

    an x friend of mine [who is mentally ill] said he's going to vote for howard because "when labor was in power so many years ago they stuffed up"

    i said 'labor isnt a person you idiot! it's a party. you cant blame kevin on something that he had nothing to do with'

    also, if i had $100 to last one month and spent $80 in the first day on a stereo, i could have my friends show up and say to them 'look at how rich i am, i have this stereo'.

    then another party moves in and they have $20 left because of my poor spending habits. then people say 'look at how poor you are, the last leader got a stereo.

    when money doesnt go to things like a new resevior, hospitals etc, people see a surplus. when the money does go to these things people see poor managment [some people].

    john howard spent 6 billion on his trust me campaign. now there's a person who doesnt care about the australian people at all.

    kerry packer didnt pay tax because 'i dont think you're good with money' and he was right. every now and then he would donate money to a hospital but only if the government would match that amount.

    good on him!
  15. Arguing politics - or more specifically who is the better choice of party is completely pointless :roll:

    Anyone can pull the "The "x" party suck because when they were in power, they did such and such" routine. The reality is you can't say that the current party in opposition may not have done the same thing - public grandstanding whilst in opposition and the actuality of governing the country are two completely different animals. And we all know that politicians are well known for keeping campaign promises and policy directions once they get into power :LOL:

    Oh and stump - take your own advice :LOL: the liberal party isn't a person either. You call your friend an idiot for referring to labor as an individual yet direct your anti liberal points as all specifically John Howard :LOL: Whilst the leader is usually the public face they aren't always the be all and end all of setting all party policy :wink: But of course they have to stand up and take personal responsibility for the actions of the party they lead. For what it's worth I'd be very surprised to see little Johnny sticking around for a full term in the unlikely event he even wins the election.

    Personally I wish there was a third option...but I guess we can't ever hope for anyone trustworthy to consider entering politics :rofl:
  16. I'm sorry, we must be talking about different John Howards.
  17. I think you have an error here.
    I think a lot of honest people enter politics, but the process of compromise and bullsh!t that is politics corrupts them. And I think thelonger they are there the worse the corruption gets.
    Untill you end up with people like Johny who will do anything to maintain power. Including the tampa Lies, the children overboard lies, the AWB Lies, the Interest rates wont rise under a liberal governemnt lies. and the list goes on.

    I have a friend who is a staunch liberal supporter who sais that Johny is the worst Prime Minister we have ever had, and Personaly I think that sais something.
  18. :rofl: I'm talking in theory :p
  19. Paul I'm not saying you aren't an expert in the climate issue by the way. you may well be. :grin: