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Drunks play scary video game - Slender

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by hackavatar, Aug 22, 2012.

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    Drunks play scary video game - Slender (funny video)

    So there's this new video game that's been making the rounds lately, called Slender. It's a very well done psychological horror game, and has been scaring the pants off the Internet for the last few weeks.

    Essentially, you find yourself in an unknown forest, at night. You have no weapons, only a torch with limited battery. Your only instruction is that you need to find the eight paper notes (that are moved randomly on each attempt) within the forest. Each note is seemingly left from a previous person in the forest, depicting hurriedly written messages like "NO NO NO NO NO NO NO", "Always Watching", and "NEVER ALONE".

    Soon you find that you're not alone. There is a man in the forest, known as the Slender man. He resembles a very tall, thin man with elongated arms dressed in a black suit with a featureless, pale white face. You don't know why or how, but he's stalking you. As you collect more notes, the fog gets thicker, your flashlight gets dimmer, and the Slender man gets faster. If he gets you, the game is over.

    As you can imagine, the game plays on a lot of basic fears - fears of the dark, the unknown, the feeling of being watched, etc. Your flashlight does not illuminate much, and it can be easy to miss the Slender man between trees, or see him out of the corner of your eye far too late.

    If you still don't understand, [URL="]here's a teaser video[/URL] for you to see how the game works.

    There's all sorts of reaction videos on Youtube about it, people pranking each other etc, but these ones have to be the best I've seen. Not scary to watch (if you're worried about that), but utterly hilarious listening to these people crap themselves.

    Probably NSFW due to language in the videos. Edit: in case that wasn't horribly obvious from the thumbnail below

    Oh gosh, my sides.
  2. Hot damn, funniest damn thing ever!
    "Who goes to the park and doesn't bring a weapon?"
    "What kind of park is safe at night!"
  3. "we are covered by potential chairs!"
  4. Downloaded that game to have a go at it, instant Blue Screen of Death.

    Good luck.
  6. Cant reply. Dead. Sorry.
  7. Yeah my kids showed me this game not bad i even jumped a few times... :-w
  8. My cousin downloaded and played this game on my PC the other week... i was like wtf is this... Might give it a go.
  9. Its soo scary he gets me every time. Most I've gotten is 2 notes. Apparently the trick is to keep turning around because he won't move while you're watching him. If you read the back story about him its even creepier
  10. You will get nightmares playing that game :rofl:
  11. I had Jesus behind me so I had godmode.
  12. Downloaded slender, but haven't played it. I only have a laptop, which I can see being launched across the room if I do play it...
    Was laughing my ass off at those videos.
  13. This game has nothing on Amnesia: Dark Descent. You want to go cry yourself to sleep and give up playing a videogame?! go try play that one in the dark with surround sound.
  14. All I can say is - wow! That looks awesome... time to buy a PC again and get back into gaming (y)
  15. It doesn't require much of a PC either. I would rate it as basically the only media of any kind that I actually had to get up and walk away from on several occasions.
  16. Played it a few times but only had a real crack at it yesterday. I was under tr assumption the only time he was near the screen went all fuzzy, so I'm running around the building looking for page number 4 and BANG. Loud noise scary looking man right around the corner. Quit the game and not touching it again. First time I have yelled out in fear in my life. Bigger that for a joke. This is worse than amnesia for me. (another horror game)
  17. It did remind me strongly of Amnesia. Many of the same themes. Amnesia definitely had more scares in it, but Slender does this one really well.
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    The game isn't very scary if the sound doesn't work... :(
    This bloke is a good laugh