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Drunks on public transport

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by kaitlyn, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. Recently I was on public transport & it was very crowded lots of people standing up, on a bus.

    The driver purposely stopped to let on a old bald drunk man who was holding onto the bus stop pole swaying from side to side... to my horror he got on and carelessly threw himself against a lady, who was standing near the front of the bus, when it made a jolt as it pulled away.

    As I was standing next to her & I saw him smiling over at her seedily and saw she was in pain from his actions so I told the bus driver that its not right that he let on the drunk man & that he could have gone by him as no one needed to get off at that bus stop... and his response... "he has just as much right to travel as you do"... What do you think about this statement??
  2. I think it's a pretty poor response, but perhaps he IS required to pick up anyone at a stop; maybe his job description does not allow him to refuse service..... But he could have explained it better if that is the case.....
  3. Unfortunately hes right.

    Not condoning the drunk guys actions tho.
  4. Actually it's not as simple as that.

    A bus driver does have the right to refuse transport to people (including drunks) under certain circumstances.

    The person has to be removed by the transport police (or the regular police) after reported by the driver however which means the bus has to stay at the reporting point until the transport officers/police arrive.

    That tends to annoy passengers _more_ than refusing travel (nb I said refusing travel not refusing entry).
  5. If you can't compose yourself you shouldn't be on the bus. Unfortunately that doesn't mean they can't be on the bus..
  6. Maybe the drunk's better on the bus than trying to walk home...

    Oh well, that's just another reason why public transport sucks balls.
  7. I can see the point that the driver may get in trouble for passing a person waiting at a bus stop by... but the bus was already full so he could have easily drove past him without a second thought.

    I really felt for the lady & as for waiting for police to come & escort him off the bus I say i'd be the one escorted off by the others on the bus for holding them all up in rush hour... which doesnt make sense! Theres got to be a new policy on this kinda thing.. its so silly!
  8. Maybe the drunk should have driven home?
  9. He wouldnt have a car i guarantee you, he was a bogan of the worst kind.
  10. i know that in canberra, "action" buses are not allowed to refuse any person boarding their bus, even if they do not have the fare.
    they can do the whole reporting thing, and the person can be billed etc. but they cannot refuse access to "public transport"
    what they can do, though, is follow the protocol that ZRX1200R described earlier.
  11. I think he has just as much right to travel as you do. Welcome to reality. You should hop on a tram in Nth Melbourne and you would be the one out of place in this perfect world.
  12. That's bullshit! Have you ever tried catching a bus in Canberra?! It's impossible to get one no matter how clean shaven and nice smelling you are :p :p.
  13. ol' man worked as a bus driver for ten years.
    he has the highest recorded PCA whilst driving public transport on record in the ACT. :shock: :rofl:

    but yeah, the bus system does suck up there, was a everyday bus user there for the bulk of my growing up :grin:

    the above statement regarding PCA may or may not be true ;)
  14. Its a disgrace shouldn't let old bald people on buses, especially if they are having trouble standing...
  15. Personally I'm grateful they let drunk people on public transport! How else would I have ever made it back home back in my uni days if they didn't :LOL: Then there are office xmas parties, Friday night drinks...

    And I've seen worse than drunken staggering on public transport...in peak hour no less...

  16. It was great when Action buses were running the Nightrider! Everyone on the bus was p!ssed then!!!

    Seriously though, public transport is always going to have a few "interesting" people on them, its part of the flavour!
  17. I dont think the bus driver did anything wrong.. As mentioned previously, this is the correct method of transport when drinking and i would rather this old bloke get on the bus than steal a car and attempt driving anywhere OR staggering around uselessly on roads, footpaths, whatever.

    Could you have offered the lady your seat to get her away from the dude?
  18. the "As I was standing next" statement kinda shows she couldn't :wink:
  19. Ahhh damn. My apologies. :oops:

    I guess i was just asking if the lady could have moved elsewhere is all?
  20. public transport has all types. what it really needed, was a group of young, arrogant pricks, who look for any excuse to pick on someone, yet still have some kind of misplaced sense of morals, to give the old drunk dude so much hell over his smell and drunkeness, and make him that uncomfortable he got off or regretted getting on.