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Drunk Pillion Passenger?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by [swifty], May 10, 2007.

  1. So in my infinite wisdom and endless boredom, I have a question that directly pertains to the meaning of life!

    If i'm 100% sobre (0% BAC) and decide to pick up a passenger who is over 0.05 BAC, am i breaking the law?

    The above assumes two things, that they have a helmut and that i'm off my restrictions and legally licensed to carry a passenger.


  2. Nope.

    The 05 restrictions only apply to the rider / driver. (Except the passenger in charge of an "L" plater in a car).
  3. It's perfectly legal, but I question the sanity of a motorcyclist willing to have a person who is over the limit on their bike.
  4. So you're trying to fit your drunk friend AND a german exchange student onto your bike?? :LOL:

    I've done it once, taking my girlfriends alcoholic brother home when he got too drunk at our place once. He had the time of his life, I on the other hand did not. It's not fun, and I'm not keen to do it again in a hurry...
  5. +1

    the law is concerned with the "driver" or person operating the motor vehicle, save for a few exceptions which do not apply to pillions.

    I'd be fairly concerned with the degree of intoxication though, given the possible consequences. Would I allow someone who had been out on a bender to jump on the back on my bike? No.

  6. plenty of room girls :LOL:
  7. As the others said, as long as the rider is legal.

    However, I'd like to add that just because a pillion might be over 0.05, it doesn't mean they're an out of control drunk. If they're just over the limit, they could still very well be a good pillion... Raven seems to cope with me anyway :LOL:
  8. You probably don't have enough body weight for it to matter.....(sober or drunk).. :p
  9. Woodsy and Jafu don't seem to have any problems either :LOL:
    At WSBK in march I got "a bit pithed" and got pillioned by both of them to and from flips. :p
    I spose it depends on the pillion in question and how intoxicated they are.
  10. alrighty... well i had no intention of doing it... just wanted to hear the response... cheers guys
  11. i do sometimes but try to limit myself to people who have been pillons b4 and know how to behave