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Drunk people in melb CBD - Video

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ariderslife, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Camera is always rolling when i ride.

    Sometimes i get nothing, some nights i get heaps, kinda like fishing.

  2. I live not too far from Flinders/Elizabeth.

    I don't ride through that area after around 2100 on a Friday or Saturday night. I box around the whole ****ing area just to get out of the city. I've had people jump on the back of my bike at the lights, try and push me over, throw bottles at me, jump in front of me.

    The city itself is a disgusting drunken shithouse cesspit.
  3. I still say that idiot leaning backwards at the tram stop (bottom of Elizabeth?) deserved your elbow.
    In self defense, mind - you thought he was falling backwards and was about to take you out...
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  4. Damnit ariderslife, you're videos are making it very hard for me to resist the urge to upgrade from my baby Hornet to the 600.

  5. The hornet 600 is a good solid bike yeah :) nice decent commuter
  6. Flicked past a re-run of Escape from New York the other night. At first glance I thought it was a live broadcast from CBD.
  7. Your bike needs one of these:

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  8. Same, although I'm up the other end. I haven't been quite as harrassed as you, I think the pink jacket throws their alcohol addled brains and they're too busy trying to decide if I'm female or gay. Some @rsehole sat on my old bike and puked down the side of it when it was parked out front once.

    We often get people puking in the security entrance to the apartment building and once someone took it upon themselves to take a dump there.
  9. LOL!
    Knob 1- "Hey man, can i get on the back?"
    Rider-"Na bro that's gay" *fkn outtahere!*
    Then of course the obligatory little engine rev and little wheel pop just as you pass the fine arse piece of blonde crossing the steet. Bitches love wheely's! Good work :D
  10. Yeah, we have lots of people pissing on the front of our place. Now the safe streets patrols have been wound right back people just piss facing the streets. Watched a guy take a shit on the street the other day.

    ****ing pigs.
  11. Oh please. Or better yet, into the sidecar :twisted::twisted::twisted:.
  12. I have a stick by the back gate for 'golfing' away the Mr Whippy shits so I can get my bike out without vomiting.
  13. That sounds really cool dude.Wondering as to how to about with it.
  14. went to the city on st pats day, mate and i approached a group of about 5, one of which was sitting on someones bike parked on the sidewalk being a dick. i told the guy to get ****ed and that if it was my bike id break his neck... not cool.. was a nice looking cafe racer too
  15. Did he get off it?
  16. :-s
    We're talking about the bike right? :-s
  17. I think I know your bike. I'm the blue hornet that used to park at Flinders lane behind the Rialto at night
  18. yeh, after a bit of persuasion his mates told him hes a dick for doing it