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drunk pedestrians pretending to tackle you

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by loki, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. late last Friday night, had not only one but TWO seperate incidents like this happen.
    After working my second job, was minding my own business riding home, at 66kmh, when some dreg on his way home from the pub with his two mates gets the bright idea to try and f**k with me as I ride past. Not being the first time this has happened, was as prepared as possible for the event and didn't crash. The empty beer bottle I had in my bike's coffee holder was dislodged during the incident.

    Is this just a Penrith thing? Or has anyone had something similiar happen to them?

  2. I had a drunk (20-ish) try to jump on the back of my bike when I was waiting at a set of traffic lights on the northern beaches (Dee Why) whilst serving my time on L's. Apparently he wanted assistance to get the the pub/club a couple of suburbs away - suffice to say he was "politely" asked to piss off. (The bus would have cost him all of $2.50 but I assume he'd be refused in his inebriated state.) Dicks are everywhere, maybe the demographic entitles idiots to pickle themselves with more expensive alcohol using daddy's money, but that's about all. (I've witnessed a group of young males spend over $200 on shots in the time I was buying one beer & a coke at the Mona Vale hotel.) Nobody is smart when they iron themselves out, some just think they are.
  3. and had anything have happened to one of these dicks you as the rider would most likely been prosecuted as being at fauly
  4. I have had this happen occasionally on my push bike... at the time I was cruising down a hill at around 60k/ph, at night. had lights on etc... bunch of drunk kids on the footpath, one decides to jump in front of me and yell "blarrrrghhh" or something...

    I think the kid seriously misjudged my speed, because I came really close to hitting him... like centimeters close, would have been nasty for us both!
  5. Footpath = walking path = cyclists don't belong there

    Its all the cyclists fault - do not go where you do not belong
  6. He didn't say he was on the footpath, the kids were.
  7. Ahh yes my mistake and I stand corrected and offer my apologies and thank you you for politely pointing that out

    I better get my eyes tested -- not reading to well these days either that or lay off the all nighters
  8. Happens everywhere, even on the footpath. Walking out of a restaurant the other night, had one do a mock tackle. He wasn't being actually aggressive, just pretending, but I dodged better than he expected, he fell over his feet and head-butted the footpath. :rofl: At this point he did get a bit shirty, and his mates had to muscle him away.
  9. I'd say I'm glad it's not just me, but this behaviour sickens me.
    Worst of all, being a full organ donor, I not only run the risk of getting killed by one of these punks, but also of supplying him with a new liver to thrash in the process.

    the beer bottle in my coffee-holder has since been replaced.
  10. I used to work as a pedicab rider in Cairns. Drunks used to try to hitch a lift by jumping on the rear bumpers. The pedicab operators fixed that by having the bumpers on springs so that if you tried to stand on them they folded down. :)

  11. Excuse my ignorance but what is a pedicab ?
  12. i had a drunk go for the scare tackle feign but i saw him setting it up so jinxed towards him... saw the fear in his eyes then countersteered the other way to get around him.

    I didn't even come close to hitting him but the look on his face... priceless.
  13. [​IMG]
  14. I've never had the pedestrian thing happen to me on bike or bicycle.

    Yah mule, anti cycling much? :roll:
  15. Okay cheers and thank you - in other words its an obstruction :)

    I though it had something to do with wheelchairs

    Its all the cyclist fault
  16. Heading down Regent street in Redfern, some bloke decides to cross the road in front of me, sees me coming, smiles, and stops as if to dare me to hit him.

    I jink left, he goes left, I jink right left, he goes right, I miss him by about 1 cm.

    I have no idea what he thought he was doing. I didn't stop to ask.
  17. faith in humanity -1
  18. ...yeh, but it's all the cyclist fault.
  19. yAy -- you have seen the light of your salvation
  20. Yes, it's the cyclist fault you don't understand sarcasm.