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Drunk pedestrians GRRRRRR

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by xcamx, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. One thing i hate about riding on weekend nights is drunk pedestrians!

    Riding home turning on to wantirna road from boronia i notice a few pedestrians obviously drunk attempting to walk up the hill. As i get closer i slow down as one of them stumbles into my lane, i slow down some more and jump on the horn. Obviously at first he thinks its a car and makes his way off the road but as he lifts his eyes and notices the bike he steps back into my lane. He then gives me the finger, i swerve and im not to sure butout of the corner of my visor he possible took a swing.

    So what would you do???? I am extremely mad, this has happened to me TWICE now. Do you stop and talk to a bunch of drunk %@#wits that would most likely end in a fight with me loosing, or do you swerve and do your best to avoid the idiot.

    i guess some people are just born oxygen thiefs
  2. You swerve and pull over about 65 metres up the road, jump off your bike and give them the finger.

    They start running towards you and you jump back on your bike and scoot up the road another 65 metres and then stop and get off again and give them the finger.

    Repeat process till you get bored or think they've had enough or they produce firearms and start shooting at you.
  3. hahahaah i like it, i'll do that next time
  4. Sensible response:

    It is not worth an unpredictable intoxicated individual causing damage to you or your bike.
    Slow down, cover your brake, be prepared for anything and once past them put some distance.

    If at all possible, obviously move your bike as far as possible from them when overtaking.

    'Other' answer:

    Sober and in bike gear you stand an excellent chance in any 1 on 2 confrontation with hammered people.
    Have words, and if necessary action results take pics of the aftermath with your phone and post them - resting assured that you taught some cocks a lesson.

    Ride safe :)
  5. be anal and call the cops
    most drunk people would be assumed to taking swings at things if u accused them of it, so cops would believe you!
  6. No point trying to confront drunk people man.

    Best idea is from post 2 - which oddly is Honda, which i thought he had down syndrome, but clearly not as he has wit and intelligence.
  7. I treat them like a kangaroo; highly unpredictable and potentially dangerous. :cool:
  8. People shoot Kangeroos....sounds like good advice :grin:
  9. :LOL:

    I usually only get drunk at home, or at friend's places where I can crash the night.
  10. Carry a brick and unload at speed, try for a kneecap.
    Go home, get the car and come back and finish the job.

    He was drunk officer, I could tell by the way he was hitting his kneecap with a brick then he stumbled out in front of me and I couldn't avoid him. His finger may be broken!
  11. Helmets and carbon knukle protectors will hurt anyone ;) :LOL:
  12. :rofl:

    unfortunatly there isnt much you can do about drunken retarts :( anyone remember that freak who ran after marisa trying to jump on the back of her bike at the youngins bowling/drinking night? :-w
  13. If you decide to confront them try to remember, the people they are with may not be drunk and you could be in for more than youve bargained for..
  14. I've had drunks try and pull me off the bike when I've been going past before. It's not a particularly nice feeling haveing someone lunge at you as you zip past.
  15. Friday night coffee can get a bit like that....I've had two incidents as I've left. But then I usually end up being one of the last people to leave pretty late at night as all the drunks are making their way to the trains.

    Got bailed up by what seemed like a fairly mentally unstable drunk that blocked my path and grabbed a hold of me to have a conversation until I could talk my way out of it.

    And luckily my ESP was working on the night, so I somehow 'knew' it was going to happen and braced for it well beforehand. But as I very slowly rode past a group of drunk 20 something blokes, one gave a good solid shove side ways to my Ventura rack and bag. Stayed upright after a bit of swerving and stopped. But at the thought of his mates damaging or pinching my bike while I worked out my anger on the bloke it just turned into a 20 second glaring and yelling match.
  16. Confronted with the same situation, i wil definitely try h0nda's advice. I will just make sure that they cannot outrun my bike.
  17. well, now that you are use to it and can spot it from afar. . . .
    How good are your slow speed skills ??

    I'd slow down a bit, make sure you've down shifted to 1st and reach across and smack the nearest drunk in the back of the head . . . .:rofl:, then full throttle and get outta there !

    oh, then stop 50m up the road, look back and have a big hard chuckle !!! :LOL:

    This reminds me of an incident last year.
    I was driving through the eastern suburbs of sydney and I noticed this bloke with two girls on the side of the road. Call it intuition, but for some reason I had taken caution because the dude decides to jump in front of my car, take off his jacket and throw it on my windscreen ! :eek:
    As soon as his jacket hit my windscreen I could smell the alcohol smell coming through my air vents. This dude was so high, he just stood there waiting for me to do something, the two chics on the other hand were telling him to come back and stop being an idiot !!
    So what do I do ??? . . . . I hit the high beams (and fog lights :LOL:) and floor it for about 5m and hit the brakes. This made him stumble backwards on his ass !!! :rofl:
    The road was wide enough, I just went around him and by this time his jacket was sitting nicely on my windscreen wipers. I hit the windscreen wipers, open my window and grabbed the jacket. I don't know why I did it, but I grabbed his jacket and put it in the nearest garbage bin !! :? It felt heavy at the time, I just hope it had his mobile and wallet it in !! :LOL:
  18. i know you dont want to hear this but just forget it. lifes too short to get miffed over oxygen theif. have the maturity to avoid that behaviour and let someone else teach them the lesson they are asking for.

    heres a funny story for you. when i was on my granny walker on ped island a man on other side waved his arms vigorously to indicated i should cross. i pretended not to understand and stayed on the ped thing waiting for him to leave.

    he waved harder and after a while i aproached him and asked "are you feeling alright sir"?

    "Yes, i was helping you cross the road"

    "ok, sir, i understand. the dark glasses are sun glasses, im not blind. i wear them just to take the edge of the glare."

    patronize me and i patronize you! he ment well, and theres hope for him. you just ignore the others, there's no hope there.
  19. They don't have to be drunk. I was approaching a corner near home and could see a woman about to cross the road in front of me against the red ped light. I started to slow, she turned, looked straight at me so I backed off the brake and started to turn in at which point she stepped straight out in front of me! WTF! I straightened up and braked and went around to hear a loud screech from behind me. Don't know how much the bloke behind me missed me by but he had assumed I would turn out of his lane and must have gunned it. All because some stupid woman who didn't even look drunk wasn't paying attention.
  20. Back in the day when I used to have to go to work eaarrrrlllllyyyy in the morn, usually on a Saturday, I had to dodge at least 3 or 4 groups of drunks on the road. Made me wish I had a bull bar....dumb ass pricks...