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Drunk driver causes havoc at crash funeral

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. What hope have we got?!?!?!

  2. We have no hope
  3. I keep saying as long as this country thinks alcohol is "cool" or "your not a man if you dont drink" there will be social issues
  4. Completely agree with this. It amazes that people feel it necessary to interrogate me as to why I don't drink, or will actually try and get me to do so.
  5. +1 -- same thing happens to me

    usual first question is "why ? - whats wrong with you ?"
  6. I usually ask them in reply why they don't do ice or crack :-s
  7. What do you even say about this kind of thing....

    SIX times the legal limit...

    Drink driving at all???


  8. While I personally think the limit is a bit too low, he'd still have been way way way way way over. Throw book, don't miss.
  9. Yeah that's bloody annoying. Half the people who question why I don't drink are smokers, so I try and turn it onto them why do they smoke. I'd sooner put a loaded gun to my head and pull the trigger to be honest.
  10. We should have a dedicated Neil Mitchell/John Laws/Derrin Hinch/-esque forum in which to be suitably outraged I reckon.

    You can only post if you use phrases such as:
    - "back in my day"
    - "what hope have we got?"
    - refer to "the youth of today"
    - claim that all problems could be solved by compulsory army training
    - refer to people with opinions that differ to yours as "these so-called _____"
    - "I blame the parents"
    - "What these morons on Spring street don't understand is ____"
    - "Look, it's simple"

    Whaddaya say?
  11. ..I remember when....
    ..It's the younger generation....
    ..In my day, the local bobby used to know us by name....
    ..give them a good hair cut....
    ..what they need is a good spanking....
  12. He needed to drive, cos he was too drunk to walk.
  13. hahahah nice Rog :D

  14. I saw him on the news - you're spot on there - he was staggering over to the police car. (Mind you, after seeing footage of the bogans at the funeral he was probably in a better state than some of them)
  15. It's a high profile "case" (funeral/deaths) why the need to attack the media is beyond me.

    Why not use it to highlight to everyone what a minute of madness can end up costing you rather than hitting the cameraperson.
  16. That driver definitely needs to be off the road!

    The "outrage" is fair enough, but the very vast majority of people respect the 0.05 BAC law... but there'll always be statistical outliers like this bloke - even so, you should never build a system around them.

    Vic, well said.
  17. The bloke was unlicensed anyway, so I would expect him to do what he likes.
  18. That guys a moron no questions.....

    But the no drinking at all thing, ive been sober at house parties before. You see your drunk friends doing silly things which are making them really happy at the time and you would be enjoying the events too...if you were not sober.

    But not drinking at all is a bit of social suicide well for me anyway, its an important social lubricant. As it is i take things way seriously etc, after a few im a real fun person :angel:

  19. Mt point exactly about societies attitude to alcohol -- you don't need a social lubricant to have fun - you just think you do/told you do. And what is so important about it ?

    If I needed to be under the influence of a drug to interact with people or they to interact with me I would not think it worth it at all.
  20. Morbo posted

    We should have a dedicated Neil Mitchell/John Laws/Derrin Hinch/-esque forum in which to be suitably outraged I reckon.

    You can only post blah blah blah it's simple"

    Whaddaya say?

    or you could just ignore the posts you know you won't like

    or go for a ride so you don't have to read anything at all

    be sure to leave a contact number so when you're a bit older than you are now, and saying the same things we are saying now, someone can remind you about this post