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Drugs,Guns and Explosives found, bloke arrested

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Doch, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Did anyone here of the bloke that was arrested in King St, I think it was last week. I couldn't find a link to it but I'll try and repeat what was reported.
    A man was arrested in King St Melbourne in the early hours of the morning after curious Police decided to ask the suspicious acting man some questions.

    When they searched his car they found drugs, guns and some explosives. When they then searched his home they found more guns, drugs and cash.

    My question is that there was not a mention of this man's religion or country of origin, or where his sim card is why? I reckon because he was blonde clean shaven and white.

    Do you think this is a fair assumption?

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  3. Lets give him an olive complexion and a beard. do you think he would still be regarded as just a dealer or just a manufacturer and of what?
  4. "charged with one count each of possess drug of dependence namely amphetamines, traffic amphetamine" Well from that I'd guess drugs? :LOL:
    Yeah it's funny though the media are so prepared to jump the gun (no pun intended) when the perp is of certain origin and appearance yet they haven't in this case. Very unusual!
  5. Sgt-at-Arms for an OMG.

    You can give him an olive complexion, but not a beard because he
    dosent have one. Hes clean shaven. :LOL:

    They showed him on the news.

    & not a manfacturer because he didnt have a drug lab.
  6. 'scuse my ignorance but what do you mean?

    what I was getting at was that if he had a beard as well do you think the media and the govt would have kept it as low key as it ended up being?
  7. nope.

    White people have more interest in being drug dealers than terrorists.
  8. OMG is outlaw motorcycle gang
  9. or maybe after the fiasco with the doctor they have decided to try a different tact.
  10. There is no suspicion of terrorism because King St is such a frickin' whore of a road, that anyone who thought there were 72 virgins waiting in paradise for them would certainly kill themselves within seconds of getting stuck in the traffic shit-fight there.
  11. NoBubble.

    Would be news to me if the amount of media exposure one
    gets is influenced by whether or not you have a bloody beard. :LOL:
  12. You know him then? :p