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Drugs are bad.

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Fixed, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Words fail me.

  2. dont be so mean to the drug users :(

    We should have a ddr comp after/during friday coffee... ha id actually turn up for that!
  3. Scared now. Thankfully SB is DDR free.
  4. ... no its not. Short walk up the promenard is crown and its wonderful DDR machines ;)
  5. Are DDR machines those stupid dance games???
  6. yeah :(

    I think they guy in the vids been playing too much DDR.
  7. Wow, that's extraordinary.
    Perhaps he'd do well with the Japanese drumming...
  8. Oh ecstasy you, you got what I need,

    To make me feel right and to make me feel nice,

    Oh ecstasy.....ahem, uhhh...nuthin.

    (5 Points to anyone who can name the artist who sings this song)
  9. Rob Gee, wheres my 5 points? you gabba junkie :p
  10. {hands over 5 points}

    Well done!

    Not a gabba junkie, but a group of us did get into that song when it came out, years ago.

    Saw him live about 5 years ago. He goes off!
  11. i used to be into him years ago, but i've changed my ways and i've turned it down a notch or 10, now it's mainly house and vocal trance :p
  12. So he went over board BUT... if any of you watched the screen... he actually didn't miss one move... My mate runs kingpin in the casino and we go there to drink every now and then. There is a DDR machine directly outside that you can drink and watch these guys, you learn what you have to do... some of em a quite good.. farked if I know how they can tell if you done the right move or not??
  13. you are kiddin me right eswen
    i think thats a bad idea half of us dont have the cordination to dance or use our hands like that chinese/japanese guy
    but hey if u want to do it by all means go for it...
    just tell me and ill bring the camera... :grin: :LOL:
    should be some good viewing
    kraven Vs eswen...
  14. Why kraven?

    hey troy i had a funny dream about you the other night... ill shoot you a pm ;)