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Drug Testing

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Fiery, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. Anyone know whether they drug test you before your Learners course? I may have to dose up on Codrals or something this weekend for my course and have come down with a shocking cold!

  2. no, they don't drug test you.

    you'll be fine.

    good luck :)

    though, if it's anything like the cold i'm slowly getting over at the moment, i'd postpone the course.. mine peaked on the second day and i really really struggled to get through the day, once we were past the compulsory stuff and i got my licence papers, i left straight away, went home and hoped in bed.

    wouldn't suggest doing the course if you suspect you'll be suffering from it for both days.

    blocked up ears and a dizzy head cold cause alot of problems when learning
  3. man you really are stressing arent you... :LOL: No no drug test. Just an eye test at servicetas, maybe not even that.
  4. I have been stressing since seeing the adds on TV about roadside drug testing - waaaaah I love my pot! I had already decided never to ride stoned just on principle as I am well aware of the 'herbal lobotomy' affect.

    No, this weekend will be fine, really looking forward to it.
  5. No officer Its an alagesic powder for my nose!!! :LOL:

    Its funny I have never been pulled over on the trumpy... teh datsun was pulled over 5 times in one week.. :roll:
  6. I was pulled over only once in 8 years with my Valiant R Series - and then the officers said that they just wanted to check her out!
  7. Man, I'm sure they do a compulsory blood test administered by some hard core bikie with tatts all over his body, wearing black skin tight leathers.........

    GOOD LUCK :))

  8. codrals.....yeah right haha
  9. No drug test just an internal exam!!!!!!
  10. Cough twice please? :p
    are you alergic to shellfish? :LOL:
  11. Any chance you could put it off for a week? Probably be better if you rest and do the course when you're feeling better....more enjoyable that way. :wink:
  12. I can't cancel - was lucky to get in on a cancellation as the waiting list is almost 3 months. Tis cool, will thoroughly enjoy myself regardless, taaa
  13. Just pop some suda-fed works a charm and will give u a little kick, rather than those drowzy codrols!!!

    follow them up with a few redbulls and one strong coffee.

    Hey while your at it pop a no-doze etra stenght - will work a treat.
  14. No they don't but if you riding an 87 Rebel they SHOULD :)

  15. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. sounds like good night in to me! :demon:
  17. Hehehe my old man had the same thing happen to him in a S series val.

    you will be right mate but if u have a cold postpone it you balance may be off.