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Drug bus...... Who Really Knows?!?....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BoogieMan, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. Not That MissZZR wants to know or anything :p :wink: :LOL:

    But as I've heard alot of conflicting stories, I'm now curious to knwo if there are any 'FACTS' available.....

    'They say'

    *There is only ONE drug bus....

    *They can detect Drugs in your system for over a month.....

    *They are also compiling a record of our DNA (I'm a little sceptical about this one)

    *They will take your licence on the spot if it is high enough ......


    *They will just fine you and take some points if it's not.....

    IF anyone out there has any Factual Info regarding this I'm sure there might be a few riders who would be curious to know..... Except MissZZR she doesnt care in the slightest :p :p :LOL: :shock:

  2. I was under the impression that the drug testing technology was flawed after a bloke sued the govt after they wrongly booked him for marijuana use... are they still using these drug buses I wonder?
  3. My undestanding is that they are.

    With all the gangsters being rounded up these days the cops need other ways to score. :LOL:
  4. I also haven't seen any data on levels of THC that can impair/effect your reflexes and driving?

    There seems to be no 0.05 % level like there is for alcohol (Easily measurable).

    An example would be 250 ppm (this number is pulled out of thin air) total of all THC related compounds (as there are several in the family) measured by GC/MS (I would want this for accuracy) would be considered to high to control a vehicle safely?

    This level would need to be determined from trials on human subjects!! :twisted:
  5. if i ever come across a drug bus, i'll just float over the top, easy fix :wink:
  6. ooh ooh, pick me pick me!! :LOL:

    but yeah, you gotta wonder how they'd come up with a figure when its illegal to use or own or grow it, so kinda hard to legally study it :LOL:
  7. http://www.arrivealive.vic.gov.au/c_drugs_faq.html

    My understanding was that since it's in a "testing" stage, they can only issue you a fine and not deduct any points off your licence- until the legislation passes that is.

    The Bus was removed from service for a few months, I thought it was still Out-of-Service but I've heard whispers that it's been back for several weeks.
  8. It is kind of chicken before the egg stuff isn't it!! :?

    I would have no idea on an acceptable level and type of measurement without independant trials.

    I just wonder how they differentiate between some one who had a great night on it, slept it off like a resonsible person and gets caught on the way home the next morning, to the person who drives after no sleep and a 12 hour session?
  9. Apparently it has been targetting Truckiies on the magor highways now for quite a while, Horsham, Bendigo etc.
    And they are claiming very good results???
  10. The current ad campaign states "You'll soon start seeing things...", referring to the bus, so they are about to be re-introduced. One is commissioned with more on the way.
    The governments policy is that NO level of concentration is acceptable, so a zero reading is the only one officially tolerated, but in effect there will probably be a small tolerance level to allow for inaccuracy in the testing regime.
    There will never be an acceptable level (officially) while the use of cannabis and other drugs remains illegal. And that's not going to change any time soon. Even if it did, use while driving will undoubtably remain totally prohibited.
    To be honest, I'm surprised that they aren't planning to also charge those caught with possession offences.
  11. I'm not sure, but the testing appeared to be spit on this stick (rubbing a swab on the inside of the cheek, yuck all those squamous epithelial cells to dispose of) and the result was you were either negative or positive. This is very much like the old blow in bag please sir/madam, if the crystals turn green you've been drinking. Trouble is, it only proves that you have been drinking not how much.
    This raises a question at what level is it considered that the drugs in your system affect your driving?
    Lets say I had two joints and got straight in the car, I would assume I test positive using this test and would perhaps be in an unfit state to drive. Compare this with if I had two joints two weeks ago and the test detects traces of the THC compounds in my system. Question is am I fit to drive?
    What happens with continued, extended grass or speed use. Is there an accumulative effect (apparently there is with dope) and subsequent increase of levels and increased length of time to excrete them from your system but you still might not have hap a joint for two weeks.
    Raises a number of questions about the validity of the test, in terms of you have consumed drugs in enough quantity and recently enough to affect your driving. At the moment the test doesn't give you that.
  12. OT, Did anyone see the study they did that texting while driving is as bad as being +.05 BAC for your drving skills?

    I reckon we should follow NZ and make it automatic loss of license for mobile phone/text offenders...
  13. Also the whole passive smoking arguement. Where would that stand?

    And what if you are a politician who never inhales?
    Can it still be absorbed through the lining of your mouth enough to pull a positive result?

  14. can i come too...ooooo...oooo.ooo...ooooooo.....oooo.....ooooo..... flashing red and bloooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww.....
  15. When did NZ change their law to prohibit the use of a mobile while driving?
  16. I saw that study (we have the tv on sometimes at work) it is one of my biggest pet hates , people talking or texting on a mobile while driving .
    As for the drug testing , what drugs is it suppose to pick up , just pot , or all the hard drugs as well?

  17. I believe that's true.

    And I think the idea is that drugs are illegal so it doesnt really matter how much you've had.

    In regard to whether they're operating - I saw one on Toorak Road last week :)
  18. I think the case where the guy sued was because he was not under the influence of the drugs at the time - he had taken the drug 4 weeks before. I don't think it is actually illegal to use marijuana, but it is to be in possession of it etc.
  19. The test picks up amphetimens too. (nice spelling huh?)
  20. spit tests will only reveal what you have ACTIVE in your system. no idea on the real figure of how long before you get no result, but its certainly not a few weeks :shock: more like a few hours to a couple of days. i beleive even blood tests will only reveal stuff for a month or two tops....

    and yeah, if they're doing this for safetys sake, then there has to be an acceptable limit. if they want to charge you for using it, not DUI then thats fine, but to charge you with DUI, they'd have to prove that you are under the effects.

    take pot as an example (most socially accepted of the illegal drugs); you can smoke a joint and have almost NO effect from it, throw a couple of beers into the mix tho and you're partying. or you can smoke 1/4 of the amount through a bong and be totally off your nutters if you have little resistance. and then you've got the resistance factor, you build it up VERY quickly if you have a habit. if you havn't smoked for months (or ever before) a small amount can get you off your rocker, but if you've been a daily smoker for some time, you might be able to smoke 20 times as much with little more than a headache to show for it (i'm not exaggerating here either....)

    i'm not saying all this is a bad idea tho by any means, its very necissary. but they really need to do a HEAP of research before making it widespread and set in concrete.