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Drowned Out

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dane75, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. I quite often go out for a ride with a mate from work. I ride my little ZXR250 and he has his ZX9R. Quite often as we are leaving work at the same time we go to let the bikes warm up a bit, I can hardly even tell mine is bloody running next to his. A few times mine has stalled and I can't tell till I see the oil light lit up.

    Riding along near him after an intersection is annoying too sometimes as you can't hear the bikes revs and have to keep checking the Tacho.

    Any other 250 owners notice the same thing when riding with mates on larger bikes?
  2. I always thought my SV was drowned out by a certain 250 hornet rider in Brisbane. It sounds like there is a coke can filled with a million angry wasps chasing me.
  3. I go out with my brother who has a Norton 850 Commando.

    I can't hear sh!t over that thing on my 250 rice burner. :shock:

    Learnt to "feel" the engine underneath me when we are stopped at lights together.
  4. Everytime I went riding with my mate, couldn't hear my bike. All I could hear was that glorious V-twin growling through Staintune high mounts.

    If you can't beat them, join them, like I did :grin:
  5. I drowned out 3 of my friends(all 250's) bike with my bike(all at once too). But then when I ride with other people I cant hear my bike either(e.g. Thursday night MR)
  6. Run open pipes.
  7. .. or ride alone :LOL:.

    its not that bad mate. Its only sounds like that when I'm way up the rev-range. Otherwise it just pops and burbles :p

    and I know a certain SV rider that has a bike that wouldn't be considered quiet either. Rather loud I suppose :LOL:

    but yeah. When I'm out riding with mates. My bike seems to drown out some bigger bikes. The only ones that are louder or similiar in DB compared to mine are the bikes with very "open" pipes or race pipes hmmm
  9. There is a certain bike that comes out to MR(Although not lately) that would drown out just about anything...
  10. One of the good things about riding a trx850 with pipes is that nobody (well almost nobody :LOL: ) drowns you out... One of the bad things is you tend to get destroyed at the lights by all the four cylinders.. Can't have it all :grin:
  11. I wear earplugs and I can still hear my bike rev :shock:

    When I first tried earplugs I got fooled by the lack of noise and redlined it :twisted:

    I've never stalled without noticing, but I know what you mean with noise drowning out your bike. Sometimes there's so much noise that I can't even feel my bike vibrating.
  12. Does your bike engine cut out when idling? Or is it when you take off from the lights you stall it?

    Ha ha there are a few 250's around that are freaky loud too so it swings both ways ;)
  13. Ooh, yeah.

    A friend's '91 GS500 is louder than my Tiger's 'off-road' muffler - and shakes the ground more at idle, too! :LOL:

    (Darn Triumph and their counterbalanced triple! *shakes tiny fist*)
  14. My boyfriend rides a MotoGuzzi - I've only ever heard my own bike on solo rides! Used to glance at the taco alot when I first started riding, but not so much these days.
  15. had the same problem when out for a test ride on the ducati 696, my partner took out the 1098 and that was all i could hear! :grin:
  16. Nah just sometimes when I first start it after work to let it warm up. I only rarely stall it while riding
  17. How long have you been riding? You'll get used to how the bike vibrates and how quickly you accelerate after a while with certain throttle openings - that'll mean you do not have to watch the rev counter so much. Don't rely on the gauges too much (only the speedo for obvious reasons!) - use the "seat-of-the-pantsometer"!
  18. hehe i jumped on my mate steeve's dr 400e last weekend up in ballarat and i couldn't even hear the engine, it was drowned out by the birds and cows. that thing is a sewing machine compared to my Dr

    stalled the bloody thing the first time cause i couldn't even tell it was on :shock: :LOL:

    its good to have a nice sounding pipe sometimes....especially when going through a tunnel :twisted: :cool:
  19. my boyfriend can't hear his VFR 800 running over the sound of my Hornet!
    it gives me great pleasure to eternally mock him about it.
  20. Recently when installing new mufflers on the 848, I ran it with open pipes.

    I let it idle for a bit, then gave it some stick.

    All I can say is :eek: :eek: :eek: