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Drouin to Shep' Via Cockatoo, Yarra Glen, Yea, Seymore

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Woodsy, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Sorry for late notice (as usual).

    Heading to Shepparton tomorrow for a mates 21'st via Pakenham, Cockatoo, Yarra Glen, Yea, Seymore, Nagambi.

    If the weathers good and i'm in the groove might even turn right at Yea and go the long way Via Bonnie Doon and Benella

    Leaving Drouin about 10ish

    Hope to catch up with Wild Violet, her daughter and Fella while i'm in Shep before heading back sunday probably via the hume , BUT then again i'll see how i feel and might come back the same way.

    So if any one sees a bright Yellow VFR800 with a couple of Ventura packs and a tank bag (amazing how much crap you can jamb in a bag) Give me a wave or tag along for a while.

    0418376855 if any one wants to meet me somewhere.
  2. Well actually, managed to be ready 5 minutes early, its nice and sunny so do i where the wet weather gear Hmmm, yeah may as well it’s cold. Headed off for the run down the Highway to Packy in bright sunshine, turn right on to the upper Pakky road and away we go, some nice twisties from there over to Healesville (note to self* remember that is can still be wet under the trees) out of Healesville heading for Toolangi and apart from the odd cage driver who insists on doing 40 in a 60 zone AND taking up all the road to do it had a great run.
    Through Toolangi and a quick nod to 2 trail snails coming the other way, there’s just a very light shower as I turn on to the Melba Hwy, by the time I get to Glenburn it’s defiantly showering (thank dog I had the wet gear on), wet/damp roads all the way to Yea so I turn left and head towards Seymour, quick bite to eat and a hot choky at the hole in the wall burger place (near the Royal hotel) but now it’s defiantly raining :cry: oh Well. By the time I get to Nagambie it’s all cleared up so a nice quick run through to Shep.
    Duck in to my mates place and get rid of the wet gear and the carry bags and load up one of the mates and shoot in to Shep’ for a slab of D1ckens* (Mercury Draught cider), and hey, hey what’s this a pretty young thing making eyes at me J Oh it’s Wild Violet J she’s recognised the bright Yellow VFR. Quick chat at the lights with her and her daughter (who can talk and talk and talk, lol)
    Sunday get SMS from W V and we organise to catch up at La Porceta for lunch (her other half had a hangover me thinks), it’s raining but I’m not putting the wet gear on for a 5min ride, have a great lunch with W V and her D, they can BOTH talk and Talk lol, W V’s a top chick, she even shouted lunch so I owe you one W V. got some happy snaps of W V’s daughter on the bike with her fish she got for being student of the week.
    Put the wet weather gear on out the front of La Porky’s with all the customers gawking lol, and back on the bike, showers all the way to Nagambie so decide to just shoot home along the Hume, did you know there are 9, YES 9 fixed speed cameras between hitting the Hume at Seymour and the Western ring road!!!!!!! and MAYBE 1 of them is in what I’d call a potential high crash zone, wankers!
    Any way the closer I got to Melb the worse the weather looked, by the time I hit the Western ring road it was seriously raining and the wind was up NOT fun, well cut a short story even shorter it was a crap run home, wet, windy, crap visibility, COLD, actually so cold I had to stop at Packy pub for a quick Scotch, really CRAP.
    Any way all in all a good weekend, the plusses outweighed the bad weather on the way home, met W V and her D, discovered the Net rider Neck warmers are ACE if you don’t have one you have no idea how good they are, the Fog City Visor works as advertised, well worth the $50, needs a LOT of sunlight to darken, but it works a treat.
    Till next time, stay safe.

    * re the D1ckens, there was an add on US TV for Dickens cider that went along the lines of “every chick likes a D1ckens cider” (think about it kids). So now all the people I hang out with refer to cider of any sort as D1ckens.

    Pics on my Blog
  3. Sounds like a good run, despite the weather.

    I did the Jindivik thing again, today. A mate rang me in the morning and was itching to go. So we did.

    We stopped at the Red Parrot Cafe in Noojee for lunch. Then headed to Jindivick, to Longwarry, across the Princes Freeway and headed south to Lang Lang, Korumburra, Meenyan, Boolara via Mirboo/Mirboo Nth and to home.

    We copped some drizzle and wet roads. I discovered that the B'bird likes to spin it up in the wet, particularly when punching it out of corners. I has a lot more grunt than the barge (CBR1000F) that it replaced. Soon got used to it, though.

    It's running Pilot Roads. Might consider Pilot Powers for the next lot of tyres. Just a bit concerned about wear and longevity.

    Damn thing's as thirsty as the barge, too. Had to fill up in Mirboo Nth. I got 232 km to "reserve". It took 17 litres.

    The ride from Mirboo Nth to Boolara was a bit tricky, with wet and dry patches, the occasional cow trail deposited on the roads. Otherwise, a fun road to ride.

    So yeah, after having a new bike and letting it rot in the garage for nearly 2 months I got to do some dry and wet weather riding over 2 days. And I'm starting to get used to the bike (no, I will NOT say that I am become one with the bike...).
  4. I'm up for doing the whole run along the grand ridge road when weathers better as i think some of it is still dirt
  5. was a great day

    hey hey, as you heard what a fun day it was, caught up with woodsy as he came into town , spotted the bike a mile away!
    yes, as SO was very under the weather(hungover) on the sunday so didnt get to have lunch with us..
    you know what they say like mother like daughter and we aint shy in this house, poor woodsy got stuck at the table with us two motormouths :LOL: anyway was good to catch up with ya woodsy it was a pleasure, my turn to take a ride down, hopefully soon!
  6. sounds like a decent trip mate, weather or no weather still sounds fun to me :)
  7. I drove up to Barnawatha & Killawarra (north of Wang) on Sunday for work & popped into the Hartwell round at Winton for lunch to visit a few mates there.

    I arrived back at the outskirts of Melbourne at around 3:30-4pm and it was as black as a dog's guts and looking real ugly. I arrived at my next site in Sunbury just as the heaven opened up & the Lancefield Road turned into a swimming pool in seconds. Suffice to say I sat out the down pour in the car for 30 minutes.
  8. yeah it was bad, comming past the big yellow sticks the city skyline just disapeared it the downpore, going over the Bolte was not a lot of fun in the pissing rain and cross wind.