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Dropping bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Kenshin Ninja300, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. Hello all i asked a friend to see if i could practice on his road bike a susuki 600 on private property today i shifted gears no worries did 3 u -turns 1 was in nuteral and walked it back and the second was one foot on the ground and no worries i took off changed gears again and came to do my 3rd u-turn it started to jolt a little in 1st then i lent over to much and fell on me i slightly scratched his bike i feel like aboslute shit but i did offer to repair it for him.

    now im worried about doing my test in 3 weeks time any ideas how to build up confidence again when this happenes. I dont want to look shit house when im going for my leaners test?

    is there a secret magic lesson to lernt to riding motorbikes iv riden dirt bikes heaps and it seems these road bikes are way way way differnet... any thoughts ?
  2. It is simply technique and practice. Get someone to show you the technique and then practice practice, practice.
  3. Thanx GreyBm does any one have any video footage of the S.A motorbike basic test?
  4. No video, but the basic course is really easy. Remember to keep your head up and look where you want to go, those two things alone will get you most of the way there. If you have ridden dirt bikes you will usually be a step ahead of some of the others.
    They use 250cc Suzukis light and easy to ride.
  5. Cheers Mcsenna can any one rememeber the step by step of what to do?
  6. Jarred , can't help you with that sorry. Referring to your original post , when you say suzuki 600 - do you mean a GSX-R 600 ? If so , any proper sports bike is going to be much harder to manouvre at slow speed compared to a learner suitable bike like what they will have at the training centre .
  7. They will show you exactly what to do, its all slow speed stuff, easy turns, and one section up through the gears to 2nd or 3rd then come to a stop left foot down in first, like you would at a traffic light.
    There are deductions for getting things wrong but there is a big margin allowed so don't overthink it.
  8. Is there any weaving through cones or anything and speed braking?
    or is that advanced lesson?

  9. I think it was ...this is why noobs start off with lighter bikes i guess :( i feel like crap though for dropping it
  10. Not so much the weight , more to do with the riding position (head down/ arse up) which is biased towards high speed riding at the expense of low speed maneuverability and control.
  11. Found this on the Sa Mylicense site. As McSenna said nothing too complex.

    The RiderSafe basic training course consists of two half-day sessions. During the course, you will learn basic motorcycle operating and manoeuvring skills in a safe, off-road environment.

    Day one: The first day of training covers basic motorcycle control skills, including:

    • riding in a straight line
    • basic braking
    • cornering
    • gear shifting
    • bike control theory.
    If the instructor determines that you have not reached the practical standard during the day you can be asked to repeat the session.

    Day two: The second day of training involves interacting with other motorcycles on the riding range and covers more advanced motorcycle control theory and traffic skills.

    A practical skills assessment will be conducted at the end of the day.

    If you fail the courses, you are allowed two additional attempts at no extra charge.

    After successfully completing the course, you can apply for a learner's permit.
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