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dropping a loaner

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. i was recently given a triumph st sprint 2003 model to ride on a trip away for the weekend and i got all but twenty ks after riding 400ks and dropped the bloody thing at zero ks and caused $700 worth of damage plus i have to still pay for my forks that collapsed three weeks earlier that will cost me $350 expensive weekend i guess

  2. What a bummer.
    Any other details on the drop you'd like to share?

    I dont loan tools, cars/bikes or wives.

    Sympathies with you anyway.
  3. when the neghbour backed over stealth kat.. It cost 1200 ish. Mind you I still aint fixed the cosmetic stuff. About 350 to get it going.

    It wasnt a real cheap quote but it wasnt a riip off. I was astonished when he sat down and wrote me a cheque

  4. Good to see some people still do the right thing.
  5. Ouch :oops: :oops:

    Its amazing how dropping a bike from standstill can cause so
    much damage, $$ wise. :?
  6. Was that a loaner from a mate? If its a mate do you expect him to use his fulk comp insurance and let you pay teh excess, EVEN THOUGH this will screw up ALL of his other insurance policies as he will need to declare he made claim, or can the claim be made in your name? I am sure you dont want to disadvantage your mate...buggar though.

    I was thinking about this, as a few people ahve asked me for a ride on my bike, i let one guy and another BSed and told him i couldnmt cos the forks need doing.

    But for non bike owners i really feel akward, cos if they use my kit and stack and end up in hospital i will feel bad, my bike will be trashed, it would suck all round.

    Do you guys have a standard well used response to" i have my license, i used to ride these all the time, lemme take it for a spin"
  7. Bro, neva let anyone take ya ride, & dont borrow anyones ride

    Just asking for probs man..
  8. That sucks :(

    Thats one of the reasons i never borrow someone elses bike and never let anyone ride mine.

    Was this loan from a bike shop or a friend??
  9. it was a loaner froma bike shop
  10. Buggar - what can you do except be thankful it didnt cost you anymore than that, or any of your health ???
  11. jimmy shit happens i am glad to report that i was very impressed with the power of the trumpy st955 but it handled like shit,and fell over way too easy lol
  12. How about "NO!!!" ;-) Why bullshit them?

    Personally I don't mind letting people I have confidence in (as people in general as much as riders) take my bikes for a ride. Likewise, I don't mind taking other people's for a ride, if offered, because I know I'll do the right thing. However, as a result, I won't touch anything that is 'irreplaceable' . So I've never ridden a friend's old 900SS because money alone wouldn't be able to make it right if I were to bin it...I'd love to though. :)
  13. Ouch.

    Could be worse though.

    My dad backed into my R6 about 3 months ago. It ended up costing around 2.5K to get it fixed. :eek: And that was a drop while standstill.

    Couldn't believe how much it cost though.

    Seems we all have an expensive passion. :twisted:
  14. And an LE...bit of tension over the Xmas turkey?
  15. To say the least, i was far from impressed. But he organised it all to be repaired and everything, all i had to do was ok everything and drop the bike off at the shop.
  16. My insurance policy states that I am the only person allowed allowed to ride the bike (saved me lots of $$). It also gives me a ready made excuse to decline anybody who wants to take it for a ride.