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Droppin by to say HI :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by CJ_Eliminator, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. Greetings All

    Just joined and thought I would drop by and introduce myself.....

    I am a 35yr old Northern Beaches chic who has been on L's since Nov 07 and am slowly gaining confidence to deal with all the mad and crazy Northern Beaches cage drivers out there on the roads !

    My current ride.... aka Bruce.... is a 07 Kawasaki VN250 Eliminator. Short leg syndrome very much dictated the choice of my ride but I have always swayed towards the Cruisers. Liked the look of the Eliminator from the first time I saw it in my mates garage so was probably biased in my final choice for purchase compared to the other cruisers out there.

    Surfing the forums I have appreciated alot of the advise that people have posted up here for us L riders and much of it has come in very handy so far.

    Look forward to seeing some of you out on a ride someday when I am ready for it.

    CJ :D
  2. Welcome to NR's house of fun!
  3. Welcome to another CJ, CeeJay, this time, a lady this time, and a Sydney rider this time :).
  4. Welcome :) Another beaches rider is always good news. I think I might have seen you put putting around (whilst I've been caging it).

    Should come along to one of our terry hills tavern nights sometime if you're up for it.
  5. Gooday CeeJay & welcome to the mad world that is NR.

    Great to see another female rider joining, there are quite a few of us scattered around Sydney.
    Like Phiz says make ya way over to Terry Hills (when you are ready to that is). They are a great bunch of fellas.

    The beauty with NR is that everyone is willing to help you out no matter how silly "you think" your question is.

    Hope to see you around soon.
    Ride safe.
  6. Hey CeeJay,
    You must join us for a ride some time when you are up to it...two Kawasaki Eliminators side by side!!!!!! (I'm also from the north side) :grin:
  7. hey CeeJay, welcome to NR as has been said get yourself out to TerryHills when you feel ready and join in on some of the rides. Most of all enjoy your Riding.

    Cheers Bob
  8. Thanks for all the welcomes :D

    I have to admit that I have been watching the Northern thread and see that meet is at the Tav. I have been up the Tav a few times (altho was in my cage) and seen a few riders about *secretly wonders if I have eyes any of you before* lol

    Am very keen and will definately head to one soon :)


    PS.... Ms Supernego..... have to say - nice choice of ride you have there :wink:
  9. howdy and welcome :p