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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pacs50, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. :cry: :cry:
    Hi All,

    I guess this qualifies for the topic of 'safety'. Parked my bike the other day on the footpath (legally) and returned only to find the bike lying on its opposite side; ie it had fallen off the footpath, onto the road, over onto the handles bars and landed upside down (wheels in the air!!!) a large divet was left in the bitumen(footpath) where it looks like the pavement gave way, or it was forced over.

    So im left with a pretty busted up Kawasaki (zx2r A). Coz it rolled over on its top, both sides of the tank have significant dents.

    A friend advised that tank damage constitues a wrie off, can anyone confirm this for me....is it dangerous/illegal/unroadworthy to ride with tank damage.....there are no leakes, or physical cracks in the tank, but it has been knocked around.

    Any advice would be great..thanks
  2. bike I rode at my L's had a huge dent in it from quote " a girls crotch" when she hit the clubhouse.

    I would say its up to your honest un biased opinion, but thats just me.
  3. 1. Bad luck dude. Was it a hot day?? Because on hot days shitty surfacing jobs often soften up enough to allow the bike side stand to 'sink in' and often fall over.

    2. As far as i am aware small dings in the tank (which in your case i believe isn't actually a tank anyway) doesn't 'write off' that bike in the true sense of the word. A new tank would prolly set you back a couple $$$. It may however make the bike 'unroadworthy' in the eyes of a RWC, however, i don't know the answer to that one.
  4. After my recent boo boo I can tell you that a dented or scratched tank does not constitute a write off. It's not a stressed member of the frame or required for structural integrity.

    Lickily I didn't dent mine with my crotch, otherwise my integrity may have been compromised and my member stressed unduely.
  5. Sooooooo, what are you saying tic-tac boy??? :LOL: