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Dropped :(

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cygnus, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. So I've had my GS500 for about 3 weeks now. Having never ridden before this except the Learners course 6 months ago, I have been pretty careful. I took it to my mechanic last week to get a major service done to it to make sure everything on the bike works and is as safe as possible. He alerted me that my back tyre was bold and I should get a new tyre.

    So I went to pick up the bike yesterday, and it was fully serviced, new fluids and oil, adjusted suspension, new spark plugs, etc. Also got a new front brake lever and the new rear tyre. I thought great. Let's see how it goes. I took it out onto a quiet side street. Everythings great. shifts and power were smooth. Roundabout approaching, no problem, let's turn her around. Three quarters turn later and I was on the floor, bike ahead of me.

    A car approached and saw me on the floor, two ladies came out and asked me how I was. A guy on the sidewalk helped me pull the bike to the side. The whole experience was rather embarassing. I tried to stand up, a bit sore, but not too bad I thought. Checked bike, things seem to work, except I'll need another brake lever. So took it back to the mechanic and had a chat. He put on another lever for me. Tried the roundabout again to regain some confidence. Much better second time around.

    So I guess what happened was, I took it around, slowed down too much whilst still leaning, adding in the new tyre, and the down sloping roundabout, meant a lowside was always going to happen. Second time around I was going at the same speed, but in a much more upright position.

    I don't know how but I managed to hurt the inside of my right knee. Luckily no fractures. Just very swollen. I'll be out of action for 10-14 days according to the doc. Hopefully I learnt something through this experience.

    Any tips, suggestions or sympathies welcome.
  2. New tyres = TAKE IT EASY

    Too many go down after fitting new ones. Let it scrub in a bit then slowly build up.
  3. Tyre not scrubbed, but you knew that already, eh? But, heck, you've been riding for three weeks? The learning curve at the start is REALLY steep, so no criticisms here.
  4. My advice would be to get some knee guards if you don't already have them. Other than that, take it easy on roundabouts. They are notoriously tricky, often slippery, have reverse camber, and it is all too easy to lose concentration and end up on the deck. I've read quite a few threads where people - not all newbies - have put their bike down on a roundabout.

    Good on you for getting straight back up and doing the roundabout again. It is a good way to prove to yourself that you can do it. And now that you've got that first drop out of the way you can get on with the business of improving your riding and enjoying your bike. :)
  5. I think everyone who rides a bike must have dropped theirs at least once. Welcome to the club, and glad you got back on, because thats the only way!!!
  6. sorry to hear about the drop, but congratulations on getting straight back on and facing the roundabout again
  7. Don't get me started on that one..
  8. Dont let it worry you too much. If it makes you feel better, I dropped my first bike on the first day.

    You chalk it up to experience.
  9. Thanks everyone for their support and advice.

    Any particular brands / models you recommend? I was wearing a pair of Teknic branded kevlar reinforced jeans. Although the jeans didn't tear, I still lost some skin.

    Brings me to the question. If a fall is inevitable, is there a way to fall off? I still have no clue how I managed to hit the ground with the inside of my right knee. I'm not sure how much knee guards would help for the inside of the knee?

  10. Perhaps the bike landed on the inside of your knee on the lowside?
  11. I was going to suggest that exact thing!

    Sorry to hear about it but just dust yourself off and try again (oh wait you did.... Good on ya!)

    We all come off one day...
  12. Thor do some CE articulated knee armour for approx $68. Very comfy, doesn't move about, CE certified. Alpinestars have a similar (all hard plastic on the outside and stiff foam inside) articulated knee guard (bionic brand) for $99 but it does not appear to be CE certified. Also, I didn't find it as comfortable nor as practicle with regard to movement around and over the knee.

    Don't let a salesman tell you it's CE or 'better than CE' because of the cost or brand. If it is not specifically marked CE on the tag, it's not certified and isn't worth 1/10th sticker price.
  13. An update. Went to see the doctor and the physio today. Both independently are now suggesting I might have torn a meniscus in my right knee. Will see a specialist next Friday, and get an MRI to confirm.

    If I did indeed tear a meniscus, then I'll need surgery, and I'll be out for long enough for my L's to expire! :-({|=

    Anyone here have any experience with surgery with the meniscus, either repair or removal?
  14. The only advice I would give you is don't try to save a few bucks on the specialist/surgeon, go to the best, ie the ones that AFL footballers and International Cricketers use. A google search should give you a few leads.
    good luck with it all. George.