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Dropped your bike? How to pick it up.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by AshR1, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. http://www.dps.state.mn.us/mmsc/latest/MMSCHomeSecondary.asp?cid=5&mid=32&scat=27

    a friend just alerted me to this (sorry if it's been posted I was lazy and didn't search)

    It shows two different ways of picking up bikes (one is only recommended for lighter bikes) but still best info I have found on picking up a bike withough hurting your back or legs (or arms)
  2. Re: Droped your bike? How to pick it up.

    there a proper way of picking up your bike? lol i just put my hands under it & stand it back up, simple.

    unless your a girl though, i have a friend that lent his to his sister, she dropped it down the road had to wait 30 minutes for someone to drive pass to help her out.
  3. Very Important Point.

    My uncle once tried to lift his Suzuki waterbottle. He had it halfway up when he realised he'd broken his wrist, and dropped it again.

    He was rather annoyed at the extra damage :evil:
  4. wow, that was good effort even to begin to lift the bike with a broken wrist.
  5. damn picking up a bike with a broken wrist...

    it's a good plan to be able to not hurt your back etc
  6. struggled getting my zzr on the centre stand when i first had it, first day of registration i crashed. the mixture of adrenalin and embarrassment i picked the f'n thing up and wheeled it up the gutter. any time taken to calm down and do that in a relaxed manner woulda made that a struggle.

    having said that, after calming down, i did more damage putting it in the luggage bin of dads bus to take it home than i did stacking it!!!
  7. lifting a bike

    Thanks for posting the article - it's the sort of good common sense stuff I need.
  8. Re: lifting a bike

    you're welcome :)

    would be no good being injured coming off then doing more damage to you and the bike picking it up poorly
  9. handbrakes

    I'd be just the sort to change a tyre on my car without putting on the handbrake - good sense with the stand and the gear in on a bike.

    Also wouldn't have tried lifting it up backwards - kind of hoping that now I know how you are supposed to lift a bike I won't drop it (again).

    Don't know who would be willing to drop their bike so you can practise lifting it - that would be a big ask.
  10. Hi all,

    I was just wondering about that site that the OP linked to. I dropped my bike the day I got it (hilarous story if not for the fact it happened to totally jar my confidence; link here: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=46002).

    Basically, because my bike fell on its left side, I squatted on the left, pressed the front brake lever, then used my right thigh (when I could) to cushion the tank while turning the handle bars into the left locked position. I think I was too nervous and numb at the same time to really recall how difficult it was, but it did not seem that difficult, despite the fact that the GS500F was far heavier than what I had ever tried (CB250s).

    Mind you, I'm no GI Joe - I'm a somewhat small Asian standing slightly below 170cm weighing in at about 70kg. Am just wondering if what I did was correct?
  11. does it match the pics? :p then probably

    just thinking about it, sounds like it should have been right lock, but long as you bent your knees etc and had a straight back (up and down) then you're doing ok from what I know :)
  12. I tried picking my bike @220kg dry after coming off, my elbow joint was shattered, but i didnt know. I noticed my elbow was dislocated so i put it back in, no problem, i went to pick up the bike, and it popped out again, i thought, shit, i think its a bit worse than i seems. I walked back to my workplace and asked a coworker to give me a hand putting the bike right side up. She laughed at me, wondering why i couldnt manage it myself. After we got it up, i took off my jacket, only to see my bone sticking up where it shouldnt be. My helpful coworker almost passed out right there in front of me. That was when i thought id better call a taxi, i wouldnt be riding home that night elbow :cry:
  13. Yeah, I kept my back straight all the time (same as trying to lift weights or heavy boxes). I obviously forgot to state that I used both hands on the handlebars respectively.

    In response to your post: why would I turn the handlebars to the right? I mean, when the bike is on the side stand, the handlebars lock to to the left, don't they? I had thought that the bike would then lean against me, preventing an occurence whereby I would push the bike over the other side?
  14. Ouch! :(

    Hope you mean you didn't fracture your elbow because you were lifting your bike - that would be really bad/unlucky. Then again, if anyone remembers seeing that painful moment when a sprinter's shin bone slimply broke in two in the middle of a sprint, with the bone sticking clear out mid-stride. *shiver*
  15. with the wheel locked to the right you're getting more leverage on the bike rather than with the wheel to the left it puts more weight on the left side of the bike :)
  16. Not a stalker are you? :p

    but yeah but apparently the BMWs are very heavy to lift
  17. I know hundreds of riders who know her personally, she is an Iron Butt member
  18. checking yourself out is not so silly

    I've had a few fractures - some hurt (broken toes) some didn't (fractured face) interesting how you do really need to check yourself out when you take an impact and not take for granted that you are in one peice.

    I was wondering what sort of jacket were you wearing?
  19. here's how NOT to pick your bike up.

    Just sold my dirt bike and got the GPX and I was riding home when I had to pull over for some reason.

    Out in the country so the side of the road was gravel. I was still used to the dirt bike and went off the road a little too fast and grabbed a little bit too much front brake. :shock: The bike goes down on it's right side but I manage not to injure myself.

    I go to pick up the bike and because it was the first day I had it I wasn't used to the weight of it. Anyway, I got the bike up too quickly and managed to tip the bike over onto the opposite side :oops:

    So I managed to scratch up both sides of the bike :(

    As for picking up a bike properly I found the easiest way was one hand on the pillion bar and the other on the handlebar and lift