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Dropped the Z000!!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Teamsherman, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Last night, while traveling less than 5kph doing a tight u-turn to the right on an up incline, I turned way too tight and as the ground was a bit further away from my foot than I thought, I felt the bike going down and with my bung right knee (permanent disability after 17 years of Army) I just didnt have the strength and support to keep the bike upright.

    As luck would have it, all I broke was the orange cover to my right front indicator, the bulb was still working the rest of the ride. And as for battle scars, seeing as the owner previous to me dropped it on the exact same side there were no new wounds!!!

    First time Ive dropped a bike since riding road bikes.

    That is all.
  2. Bad luck mate, the main thing is that you are alright and bike took only minimal damage, Btw was this in our local area?
  3. Z000? I'm surprised that it had enough power to be moving in the first place.... :LOL:

    Seriously, sorry to hear, I hope both sets of scars heal quickly....
  4. Thats one of the problems going from a little 250 to a big litre bike. They;re a lot more unwieldly in the tight stuff unfortunately
  5. I would have not dropped it had I not followed too close to the bike in front, he tapped his brakes and I followed suit but come unstuck.

    Oh well, live and learn. I'm stoked that I didn't go down with it though as all I need was to have the bike land on my farked knee!
  6. Nah mate, at Newport (Nthrn beaches) area.
  7. Yeah most of us have been there. Worst part is the bruised ego! I dropped my Ducati just a few days after buying it and getting the tank dent. Got it fixed and the following week some dickhead in the apartment block was nice enough to push it over on the other side!
  8. ^^^ nothing a 12-gauge wouldn't fix.
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  9. I dropped my new Blade on it's third set of new tyres. The marks on the road show that I just tagged a white line and even though I thought I was being REALLY gentle, it went down at a very slow speed.I popped like four stitches on my jeans but 5k worth of bike damage to fairings, front wheel etc . It's VERY embarrassing!
  10. Oggy knobs everytime...worth their weight in gold.
  11. Yep, probably will be getting them. It's a shame insurance companies don't factor them in.
  12. Don't know that oggys would save much on a Zthou. They sit too far back to protect the small fairings etc. Unless they're really long...

    ...And damn ugly.
  13. saved my fairings, front indicators and mirrors on the Ninja
  14. Ouch thats tough luck and all too familiar. .. glad to read there wasn't much damage mate.
  15. Yeah the Oggys wouldn't do a thing on the Z, the crank case sticks out too far on both sides so it rests on that and the handle bar ends.