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Dropped the Ducati on tram tracks!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by AcidTrip, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. Not so much a near miss as a stupid act on my part. Riding home on Thursday taking the usual route (I ride Swan St -> Riversdale Rd then turn onto Kooyongkoot Rd), taking it nice and slow as it was slippery as hell after a dry spell and a little rain. Stopped on Riversdale to turn into Kooyongkoot and just as I was crossing the final tram track the front wheel snapped left and the bike dumped me on the road. Literally felt like a split second between being fine and being ass up on the tram lines.

    It currently has 4 year old Pirelli Diablo Rosso's on it that aren't exactly known for their wet weather grip. Whilst I don't like blaming my tools, I blame the tires for this one! I've been telling myself since I bought the M696 and road it home in the wet that the tires weren't good in the rain. So on Monday MMMTS will be fitting new Pilot Roads, the same tire I had on all my other bikes. Never had any confidence issues in the wet with them compared to these Pirelli's!

    A few people stopped to help including an old guy who clearly knew how to handle bikes by the way he picked it up and pushed it to the kerb. He was right behind me and said he saw the front just slide like it was on ice. No damage to me apart from a bruised leg and smashed pride. On the bike, little damage as well. Bent the bars, wrecked the bar end and grip, slight scratches to the paint, and scratches to the exhaust shield. All new parts ordered and tank panel getting sprayed on Monday. All for less than $300. Plus $440 for new tires.

    Anyways, that's my rant done. Moral of the story; the road to motorcycle hell is paved in tram tracks!
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  2. Tram tracks are where 4 year old tyres go to die.
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  3. That sucks AcidTrip glad you are OK.
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  4. I dropped my 748 just after fitting new tyres to it back in 2001, a little heavy on the throttle pulling out of a side street into a gap in the traffic, the rear wheel came right around, then gripped & pitched me over high-side at about 5kms/hr. Being an ole-school Ducati Desmoquattro it shattered like glass as it hit the road.
    Anyone got a broom?
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  5. Ouch MarxMarx - Not what you'd want on a Duck! Still spewing about it, the worst part of it all is the massive bruises on my knee at the moment. All the new parts arrive tomorrow and then she's back to normal. Stupid tram tracks ...
  6. If it's any consolation - I dropped mine (not ducati) on tram tracks as well on Thursday. Due to my own stupidity with some ham fisted throttle action in reaction to something else. Insurance job but incredibly annoying and frustrating to do so due to silly decision making.

    Never good to break rule 1.
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  7. They're a royal pain in the ass adpromadprom - what happened in your circumstances? You all good?
  8. Yeh I'm fine - came out pretty much unscathed. Got frustrated in response to something that happened (silly pedestrians) and basically went full throttle once that was dealt with to go through intersection across tram tracks - a minor deviation was required due to road layout but due to about a million percent more throttle than required went down.... Should be fixed in the new year. i.e. Dealt with one hazard and then created my own hazard.
  9. So you lost the rear on the tram tracks? No time for recovery then. Hows the damage to the bike?

    I've never felt the front wheel skid before, now I know why seasoned riders dread it. I had zero warning the thing was going!
  10. Yeh but I was crossing them - not riding with them. A bit of lateral motion due with too much power.

    Oggy knobs solved some - bent handlebar will need replacement but forks look fine - but shop will check them anyway. Rest is cosmetic - tank, windscreen, exhaust etc. A fair bit when you add it up but appears no mechanical damage - I rode it to the shop the next day.

    I don't actually remember falling - I just remember applying silly throttle and then being on the ground. Had already started kicking myself before I stopped rolling at my own sillyness. Absolutely unnecessary sort of crap because I let others get to me and had a moment where I rode with no skill whatsoever compared to the at least minimal passable skill I usually have - I do ride in traffic nearly all the time and 4 years without an issue - so there is some skill there I think.

    One absolutely dumb brainfart...
  11. Since no one else has said it. Your tyres age had nothing to do with your crash. Have you not realised the basic mistake you made???
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  12. sorry to hear you dropped the duc, speaking Arc not long ago he seems to find tram lines hating him ride his push bike!! Imagine seeind Arc in lycra!!
    merry christmas young fella
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  13. Why not enlighten all of us rather than being evasive?
    Having not being an eyewitness, literally dozens of scenarios pop into my head regarding how a fellow rider could drop their pride and joy.

    I wasn't witness to the accident where as it sounds like you saw it, so let us all in on your little secret!
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  14. #14 AcidTrip, Dec 22, 2014
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    Like CraigACraigA, I dont understand the elusive nature BjpittBjpitt! I have to cross tram tracks every day and have been doing so nearly every day for the last 3 months. Why I lost the front on this one occasion, I don't have a clue. I would appreciate your insights!

    EDIT: Thought I'd add since that reads sarcastically, that I really do want to know why I lost it haha. I've been riding 4 years and never encountered tram tracks until I moved to Hawthorn. I want to know how to not drop it on the bastards again!
  15. That is my point, you don't know why you dropped it. But you made a mistake, and you will make a second mistake if you think new tyres will fix it.

    Explain the exact details of the event. With your very short description, it sounds like you had the front brake on as you crossed the tram line.
  16. So, four lines of tram tracks (one set each way), I had crossed the first line and sat in between the first two, waiting for oncoming cars to pass with my right foot on the brake. When I got a clear to turn I lifted off the rear brake and accelerated into the turn. I crossed the second and third line and I was about to cross the fourth and final when it slipped. So I was moving and didn't have the brakes on, plus I was leaning into the turn on my street. The handlebars were pointing right but I felt them snap left and then I fell. Your idea on what happened would be greatly appreciated! BjpittBjpitt
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    You would obviously be at more of a lean angle when you crossed the fourth track and harder on the power, also the golden rule of tram tracks about taking them at as perpendicular a crossing angle as possible. But I am sure you know all that. Why his particular incident occurred ???

    To Spirited on the throttle perhaps?
    To acute a crossing angle?
    Excessive lean for the situation?
    Trams drop sand as a traction aid when they are braking, loose sand can sometimes collect and act as a movable surface?
    Oil, perhaps if a location cars pause in a turn they may drop oil on the area?

    I don't tend to agree with BJ's assumption that tyres had nothing to do with it. Those wee little contact patches are the only thing all braking and power has to occur through. And I agree, fun as they are in the dry Diablos are vague and unsettled in the wet. In most incidents there are a myriad of contributing factors.
  18. Thanks for the informative reply cjvfrcjvfr, looking forward to BjpittBjpitt's response as well.

    I had been warned about touching the brakes when crossing tram tracks so have tired to never do that. All I know is when I had my old Ninja 650R with the Pilot Roads I never had any issues with the tram tracks on my street. With the Monster and the Rosso's, I've always felt fidgety. In the future, even after I change the tires today, I will be walking my bike across the tram tracks haha.
  19. For me, a lean angle and tram tracks is a big no no. Too much throttle would not have caused the front to just fall out from under you, lean angle would.
    Always cross tram tracks as vertical as possible, treat the corner as a double apex turn. Slow speed, but be positive on the countersteering inputs. Don't timidly lean the bike over or your turns will be too shallow like the QE2 causing you to get even more lean angle.
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  20. Unfortunate that you guys dropped your bikes on tracks, glad to hear you're doing OK. My scare came from taking a corner too fast.

    Out of interest, i've just got off my L's so I'm still a very new rider. Is there such a thing as a used by date on tires? I know people say 5000 kms or 50000kms or whatever the case may be but I'm more concerned about life cycle in terms of age of the tires (you may ride once every month and have 10 year old wheels on them). Is there a danger of the rubber becoming hard / brittle , degrading, ineffective etc even if the wear would be considered to be fine?