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Dropped the bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rjr1100, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I went out for a ride yesterday. Lovely weather, having a ball, riding along thinking this is the life. Then I stopped off at Warburton for a rest and a cuppa. I had parked the bike in a deserted carpark and when it was time to leave I just had to do a gentle u-turn with both feet on the ground. Just about all the way turned when my right foot slipped on a rock and over she went onto the concrete. ](*,)AAARRRGGGHHH. I have only had the bike for 6 weeks and it was pretty much in pristine condition. By the way it's a 98 ZZR 1100. So I'm thinking a) I'm such a boring ass rider that my bike simply fell asleep b) I'm such an awesome rider that the bike collapsed with exhaustion or c) I'm just a dumb ass. I'm thinking I'll go with c. Only minor damage was done. No cracks just a few dints thankfully. Hubby reckons he can fix it so I guess my next post will be "when repaires go terribly wrong". Am I totally incompitant or was it just one of those things?

  2. not much of a worse feeling when you drop your baby :( hope you're ok which is the main thing really.
    Back on and enjoy it :)
  3. Seriously, just one of those things. The best you can get out of this is to pick it up and keep riding. Learn from it and stay strong.
  4. Join the long line of people who've done exactly this; no harm done, ride on (y)
  5. Doing a U turn in a deserted car park with your feet down is a bit gay
    Karma ?
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  6. Well OP mentions their "hubby," so either we're talking about a she or yes this person is, as you say, gay.

    Something wrong with either?
  7. She's a girl they're all a bit gay, resume the riding position, no harm done.
  8. Thanks guys. I'm OK. Realised there was no hope of stopping it so just made sure it didn't collect me on the way.
    As for being gay, the car park wasn't wide enough to turn with my feet up! I think my Karma is just fine.
  9. I do not look forward to the day when it happens to me!
  10. Yes I am a girl, but that's not the reason I dropped the bike
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  11. Girls can be gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
    A bike has a shorter turning circle when it is ridden and leaned than prodded around in a circle...sorry fact
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  12. I wouldn't worry about it. It literally happens to all of us. Everyone thinks it will never happen to them, but it more than likely will. You've got yours done now and no doubt have learned a valuable lesson. Don't beat yourself up about it. :)
  13. Yes I have learned a valuable lesson. I need to practice my u-turns.:)
  14. It happened to me but i was in a macdonalds drive through and didint notice a bit of oil on the ground waiting for my food one foot on the oil and slip bike went down :) it happens to all of us :D
  15. Thanks. That makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one.
  16. Some get it worse even. Think of poor me for a moment: on my L's 5 years ago, riding a Honda postie ct110 around for giggles, i drop the bike and it smashes the left mirror. I ride away and immediately get booked by a cop for having a defective bike. Great.
  17. WOW unlucky did you explain your situation?

    I rode away with no mirror, no left indicator, no gear lever and it was stuck in 2nd...hahaha i was on 5k rpm in 60 getting to the bike shop ... :p didint get pulled over but luckily
  18. how do you get maccas drive though on a bike? And yes, it happens to all.
    I dropped my cb250 trying to push start it as the battery had died. dropped it in front of my work mates was not good, never lived it down
  19. Only explanation needed is that its a CT 110, theyre like a rebellious grandparent, docile job with their life as a postie bike, then start thrashing after retirement. Built for it!
  20. Oh guys, I got off lightly. No major damage and no cops. Maybe I should stop whinging now.
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