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Dropped the bike the other day

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MarvinTheMartian, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Just turned right on to Victoria Rd (6 lane major road, with me in the middle lane of 3 heading west), when the next set of lights turned amber, and the cars in front decided to stop for it (red light camera). Still had enough room for the normal braking, but . . . :shock: hit an oil patch, the rear wheel lost traction and started to come forward. :eek:

    Managed to control the rear wheel somewhat by releasing the front brake slightly, rear wheel still playing around, ah oh, stopped car getting closer . . . :shock:

    Ah the bike stopped in time, oh no what’s happening, we are going down :?. The rear wheel has stopped out of alignment with the front :eek: balance has gone :facepalm:

    Managed to get my foot out from under in time, but not from having to pick myself and the bike off the ground. :oops:

    What was good was there were 2 people that got out of their cages to help get the bike upright, it was really good of them. Managed to do it myself, gave them the thumbs up at went to restart the bike. No gogo, engine light blinking and wanting attention 8-[ Another nice cager blocked traffic so I could push the bike across to the side of the road, he then pulled over to help further.

    Check the bike over, can’t see anything obvious, tried a power down of the engine management computer and up again, and she kicks over sweet :grin: thumbs up to the cager that helped.

    Get home check the bike over a bit more thoroughly, found only a little scuff to the Oggy Knobs that I had just put on 2 weeks ago, me just a small scuff to the boots. I reckon that a lot more damage to the bike if it hadn’t been for the Oggy’s. As for the cages that helped :applause:
  2. Sounds like you got away with it ,un harmed and damaged free ,good to see some people helped.

    It's a spot that alot of people have said ,the roads got gooves that can grab your wheel and throw you off pretty easy ,i alway miss riding that way .

    I wonder if i can get oggys for my bike.
  3. Good stuff, sounds like you did everything you could but got caught on oil.

    Bloody good that you got help from the drivers, dunno but lately they seem to be more "aware" of us, must be the extra number of bikes on the road lately in Tas, what with the Ulysses old farts convention and all.

    Glad your not hurt, and you got the oggy knobs on before the slide :wink:

  4. Well I reckon they have already saved me the cost of them, tank would have been the minimum that got damaged, with clutch lever a strong possiblity. So all up $140 investment vs the cost of fixing the tank.