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dropped the bike now running like a pig, tis a gsx750f

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by goddie, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Hi, wonder if someone can point me in the right direction. In a moment of madness I sold my cruiser an xvs650 and bought a gsx750f. Got a lovely 00 model with about 8600 kms on it, bloke delivered it, propped it on the stand in the driveway and we exchanged paperwork etc. Later I went to fill it up and first time riding the bike too, I had test ridden a similar bike with more mileage on it, anyway, i get home, driveway on a slope, I park the bike, prop the stand down, and go to open the gate, and you guessed it, she moved forward a tad and came off the stand. I struggled but picked her up again, damage is handle bar protecor on the end (dont know what they are called) but that got scuffed, as did th clutch handle, the gsx750f badge copped a scraping and need to replace the left side and the tank got a little dink from the handle bar. So, picked it up, parked it out back for the nite, this morning tried to start it, wil not idle unless I fully choke it,running really rough, seems to be going thru the juice too but that could be me discovering a zip on the throttle. Can anyone give me some advice or idea of what might have happened and what I might be able to do to get the bike to run smoothly??
    would appreciate any comment, and taking it back to original owner is not an option! :)
    thank you

  2. If bikes fall over they often flood, it could be as simple as that.

    Another easy problem to fix is a stuffed throttle cable/linkage (depending upon what side it fell upon).

    From there you can look at things like bent fairings partially crushing fuel lines and similar.

    It starts getting complicated after it's simple though :(
  3. Are you leaving the choke on? That would probably make it run a bit rough/use loads of fuel. If it won't run without choke, adjust the mixture?
  4. Sounds to me you flooded it.
    Remove the plugs, then roll the throttle on to clear the cylinders. Clean the plugs before popping them back in. Switch fuel valve to off, then try to start the bike.
  5. Could be crap in the carbies that got stirred up when you dropped it. (Been there done that).
  6. thank you it may have just been flooded

    Thanks for the feedback gentlemen, this morning I started it with choke on, let it run for a couple of minutes, smooth from there on in. It fell on it's left side no fairing cracks just a scrape on the gsx750f badge (where can I get one for the left side from??) Pride had biggest dent tho..
    thanks again, greatly appreciate your feedback. :)
  7. It's running fine now? There goes my theory. Some bikes soak their air filter with sump oil when up-ended. That would have the effect you described, but it's unlikely to just go away, so you probably don't have that problem.
    Best o' luck.

    (oh, and don't park it facing downhill, or if you must, put it in gear).
  8. Goddie, you should be able to get the left hand badge from a reputable suzuki dealer, (Raceway Suzuki are possibly near you)

    The tip over on the GSXF requires a settling period (like most carbied bikes).
    Mine started first time after 20 min or so (after I had calmed down)
  9. I dropped my 91 Gixxer 750 at the servo a couple of years ago (I could've swore that the stand was fully engaged). The carbies flooded & also had a lot of crud dislodged in the carbies, which didnt help. The bike would start ok, but once it warmed up, it slowly lost its revs, until it stalled. Because I'm not too mechanically minded, I took it to Mick Hone Suzuki & explained to them the situation. They looked at it & told me that petrol had gotten into the oil. It took a couple of oil/oil filter changes b4 it came good. After dropping it, the bike was never the same. I probably didnt ride it enough, which doesn't help.