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dropped the bike in the middle of the road

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by furrycreature, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. on my leg and couldn't get it off. it was quite embarasing. this lady helped me get my leg out and her husband helped her pick it up. the guy's a motorcycle mechanic as well so he noticed the handle bar was bent and fixed it for me. im having heaps of luck, the second time i ride on the road i drop it, but it's so fun when your upright :( :oops:

  2. don't worry, i did the same thing with my Spada...except i sent it roaring across the road.

    as long as you are ok then put it down to a learning excercise....only thing you can do and rmember what you did.... my clutch hand is on severe probation at the moment :)
  3. Glad you two are alright (and at least the guy was a motorbike mechanic and not an a$$hole or anything and gave you hand). Just waiting for something similar to happen to me :roll: . Not sure if I will have the guts to get back on the bike when it does :)

    And just wondering how this ended up in the scooter forum :?
  4. i couldn't leave the bike there otherwise my parentswould find out and it would probable get stolen anyway.
    it's in the scooter forum coz i wasn't paying attention when i hit the new topic button
  5. you'll get back on.. the trick is to do it in a place away from home.. so you have to ride it back!! :grin:

    yeah i'm still a bit sore.. really bruised some ribs when i hit the gutter and a few knotted muscles.
  6. Man that really sucks but it happens even to the best of us.
  7. yeah i had to get back on to ride it home, i'm fine. i hope you're feeling better drew, did you do much damage?
  8. only cratches to the exhaust, mirror housing and brake lever....nothing serious...although exhaust looks really 2nd hand now :(

    just as well it's a naked bike or there would have been fairings everywhere!

    Me however is another matter.... wrists are still a bit sore, forarms ache a bit and one side of my ribs still hurt when i lean on it......nothing broken asi can push on the ribs ok without pain... so just muscles that need to get better.

    and a few knotted muscled in my back... i really need to find a masseur or something
  9. awwwwwwwwwww :(

    suck it up guys :LOL:

    nah, seriously learn something from it, every oopsie has the potential make you a better rider

    rubber side down!

    man i am due for one......but shhhhh
  10. I agree... you live and learn. I don't know about the best of you, but I dropped my first baby 2hrs after buying it... on my foot in the driveway - I was totally stuck! Fortunately my friend was there to rescue me. I didn't like that clutch lever anyway.
  11. absolutely ive aqua planed in2 an intersection b4 on my old bike, not heaps of fun really but real happy i was in the right kit....
  12. Why does everyone think crashing/dropping a bike is a certain? Everyone ever heard of positive thinking? Plus if you believe you will stuff up - there is a good chance you will.

    Furrycreature - good to see you two in good shape :)
  13. evilooliver, there is a thread dedicated to that exact debate, it even went all technical and statistical.
    result, no, it isnt 100% fact that you will drop/crash. but its pretty damn close to 100...and you are vright, positive thinking is the key to risk minimization
  14. I dropped my Spada in the rain last Saturday. I went over a slippery patch as I turning left at the roundabout. Bent the clutch and gear lever. Had to unbend it and limp back home (in the heavy rain). This is only 4 days after buying the bike.

    My right wrist is very sore because I held up my bike when it was about to be dropped. I think I saved about 5 or 6 drops but my right wrist is sore from holding up the weight of the bike.

    When my bike goes back into the bike shop, it will give my right wrist time to heal.