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Dropped Piaggio Fly won't start - HELP!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Prohozhij, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. Hi All

    I dropped my Piaggio Fly 100cc 2010 scooter at low speed on to the right hand side the other day while riding. The engine was still going after the impact as it lay on the tarmac. I switched it off, picked it up, turned the scooter back on but absolutely nothing happened. No lights, no turning over, as if a kill switch is on.

    I have checked the battery and all the connections are super tight. The battery hasn't given me any issues at all since I've had the bike.The fuse is also intact but it seems that the issue is electrical? None of the lights come on when I turn the key. I checked to make sure that the kick stand is fully put away, in case it'd act as kill switch. Just can't think of what else to check. It would seem like a wire may have come off on impact, as there's no power to the lights but no way to check it without taking the fairings off and the bike is sitting in a carpark in town. Any ideas I could try would be greatly appreciated! Cheers

  2. Try a different battery or a jump pack i had similar thing happen to my old trail bike went air born and landed wrong i came off and bike coasted and landed hard on its side still runing jumped on went back to camp and wont start after i turned it off found the battery plates had come loose and shorted out changed the battery with another bike and fired straight away. Good luck and hopefully thats all it is for you
  3. thanks grantos, i'll give it a shot!
  4. No problem keep us updated so we can help work it out if the simple fix doesnt work good luck
  5. sure thing, will ask a mate to lend a battery and let you guys know! cheers
  6. I would check the earth
  7. Hi guys, an update. Me and my mate tested the battery and it is fine. It was quieter today around the scooter and when i tried to start it i could hear a whirring sound coming out from the general engine area. Is it something to do with the starter motor? Any ideas or suggestions?
    Also, if anyone's in sydney and has a van and a half an hour to give me a hand transporting it from the city to Neutral Bay that would be hugely appreciated! Thanks all
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    So the lights on the dash come on now?

    Whirring sound is probably the starter motor but it doesn't sound like it is engaging. I don't know this brand/model but the way it generally works is a gear is held back by a spring and when it spins up to speed the centripetal force throws it forward to engage with the ring gear and crank the motor.

    One reason it may not is the battery is not strong enough. You say you have checked the battery, did you try with a jump start as grantos suggested?
  9. Hi cjvfr, no, the lights still dont come on. No i havent tried jump starting it as its not easy to find the bike jump leads. The way we checked the battery was with an electric screwdriver thingy, that has a ligt bulb in it that lights up when we checked the battery (sorry for the ignorance!). It sounds like it may not be enough of a check, so i should definately try jump starting it? Thanks guys.
  10. Yes, maybe not enough of a check. Before you go much further you need to see if the battery is the issue. As Grantos said they can sustain mechanical damage, lose electrolyte etc from being on their side.

    Perhaps you can borrow a battery and try with one you know is good?
  11. Thats definitely not enough of a check the light just shows a circuit. You could have 3v and a circuit.

    You need a multi meter or another battery as suggested
  12. Thanks guys, finally attempted to jump start it last night and it worked! So today will be getting a new battery and hopefully thats the end of it! Thanks heaps all!:)
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