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Dropped my Z800 {moved from General}

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by PeterPorker80, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Reviving this old thread.

    I've had a similar thing happen to me today - dropped my bike due to some gravel I didn't see. I was in the Royal National Park and took the turn into Garie Beach to safely chuck a u-turn. Thought I was far enough away from the edge (and the gravel) but I wasn't... bike fell to it's side as I completed a low speed u-turn.

    Damage to my 3-week old Z800: scratched up side mirror, scuff marks on the right barend, scratches on the front brake (doesn't appear to be bent; same as the handlebars themselves); a few small scratches on the front plastics, the beam, the engine cover (most noticeable), end of the footpeg and rearbrake (neither bent; thankfully) and slight scuff on the exhaust.

    It's not really enough damage to claim on insurance (less than excess for sure; not to mention losing my no claims bonus). All in all, I got off very lightly. One can hardly notice it if they weren't looking specifically for it.

    Only gripe is that this is the first vehicle I've ever purchased brand new. Sucks that the "new bike" vibe couldn't last longer :(
  2. Took my Versys out for a run up to Wisemans Ferry yesterday, not sure exactly what route we took but there was plenty of gravel and fallen rocks on the route along with about 5 klm of pure gravel, some thin some thick. Pretty scary at times on a road bike with road tyres, I was possibly going a bit hard keeping up with my mate on his 1200GS with knobby tyres, lol.

    Had a few 'come to jesus' moments but applied all my forum & youtube learned techniques and somehow managed to keep it upright even at crazy stupid speeds in corners.

    The real problem areas was where the gravel was about 3-4 inches thick and the bike just went wherever it wanted, foot down a few times to save it and throttle for everything else.

    Did not drop it all day, howver I started the day of badly by dropping the bike in the mates driveway, lol.

    The thing I really learned from yesterday was that you must focus 1000% on every corner, lose concentration and you lose valuable metres of setup planning and positioning. Very mentally taxing actually but thoroughly enjoyable.

    Took me 2 hours of cleaning the bike of rocks, dirt, water, leaves, etc!

    Note to anyone looking a a GoPro3, there is definately something wrong with these, most video was lost. The camera would power off even with external power and often not recognise the new Sandisk 63Gb card. My GoPro2 was perfect and will be put back into service immediately.
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  3. If the card has not been used since, get in touch. I may be able to recover the files if they exist in some form.
  4. Thanks for the offer. Sadly I believe it was more related to the camera powering off rather than corrupted files.

    These new GP3 are really not ready for Production yet IMHO. They released them way too early. I have put it away and will await firmware updates and use my trusty GP2 in the meantime, cheers.
  5. Have you checked for new firmware? I only ask because someone was saying on Friday that it had been released.
  6. I have a GoPro3 Silver and for the month I've had it I can't fault it and I've used it alot.
  7. New firmware for the White & Silver was released on 26/3, none for black. Rumours on forums are saying 2/4 firmware update for black.

    I hope so, this thing is presently useless.