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Dropped my Shoei GRRRR

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VCM, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Had my Shoei lid only 4 mths now, always kept it spotless, regularly cleaning that gloss black exterior and it's irridium visor.
    After work .. went through the usual steps.
    (1) Secure Tailbag
    (2) Place gloves on seat
    (3) Place Helmet on TailBag
    (4) Turn handlebars to straight ahead position, ignition, select neutral, start bike and allow it to warm before I put my lid and gloves on.
    Well somewhere inbetween turning the bars and turning ignition on.. I hear a "THUD" :shock:
    My shoei fell off the tailbag onto the concrete. :cry:
    Helmet & visor are both scratched and I am pissed off.
    How damn stupid can ya get.
    I know.. I know.. its ONLY a scratched helmet FFS . STOP whining ! It aint like I had an off and 'really' did some serious damage. But its not the helmet I'm pissed off about, its MY stupidity!!! :evil:

    Wondering what everyone else does.
    Do You have a 'particular' way You get ready to mount???

  2. dude, thats sux testies,

    i generally keep my helmet on the ground right up untill its on my head, as nowhere on the bike sems stable enough.

  3. as above. helmet ON THE GROUND, gloves on the seat, tailbag on, , start bike. jacket up, helmet on (takes me longer, i wear glasses) gloves on.

    mines not even a nice helmet. i have a 4 year old shark that i havent really taken a great deal of care with. its had no drops though.

    sorry to hear about it man, must be frustrating. i know how you feel.
  4. I used to sit my helmet on the seat, and it was never a problem as it was an older and heavier model, and it sat there just fine. But then I bought a new Arai, nice and light and it fell off the seat when I went near it and touched it with my sleeve ..... so now it only ever sits on the mirror.

    I tried the ground, but it gets dirty. :roll:
  5. I learnt the hard way as well.. Put your helmet on the ground .. :grin:
  6. No brainer [​IMG]

    Helmet stays on the ground until I need it ie. until bike is warmed up [​IMG]
  7. gees MG take it easy on the bloke lol

    mental note keep helmet on ground....... i usually put helmet on before i turn the bike on
  8. Yep,
    Another one for on the ground however check for ants!

    I got caught out once!
  9. mental note - check for ants. never thought of that. i usually dust it down, but never really checked for ants...
  10. The only use that I can come up with for the mirrors on my FZR
    is to hang the helmet on while I start the bike etc.

    As mirrors they are great coat hooks.

    :) :) :)
  11. Safety wise if its only dropped from seat height it should be ok. Check.

    For me I put my helmet on and leave it undone. Start the bike and finish kitting up.

    I have been known to ride off with the lid still undone if I have been talking to someone though :LOL:
  12. Ive had 4 stacks in my current helmet (including flipping a stoppie) all scratches and have dropped it at low hieghts.

    build a bridge.
  13. I was told once by a nurse from an emergency dep. that you are better off riding without a helmet than with one undone. It saves your momma the worry.
  14. I used to put my helmet on the seat - it kept falling off. Then I put it on the mirrors- got tired of adjusting the mirrors afterwards.
    Finally found hanging it off the left handle bars works for me, put my gloves at the front between the tank and the bars. Haven't forgotton them or dropped them yet.
    Still working on a way to remember my disk lock is on!!!!!!
  15. Either both gloves flat on ground and helmet on top of gloves, remove disc lock, start bike, put gear on and ride-away


    Gloves tucked in helmet and helmet hanging off mirror

    Never rest helmet on seat.

    Also for the disc lock I have a reminder cable to...well....remind me to remove the lock before riding off and the disc lock is an alarmed Xena lock anyway so I'll hear that the lock is still on when I disable the steering lock way before I even attempt to roll further forward anyway.
  16. I always put my helmet on the ground.

    That way it has nowhere to fall to.
  17. Helmet on the ground it is then . :)
    I know .. was a dumb-ass question, with the answer being so obvious, as You pointed out MG :butt: :LOL:
    I'm not too concerned about the lid's safety, as stated here it's only a fall from the seat .. should be fine.

    ...Ants :shock: , Now that's a good point, So many of the fcukers around lately :evil:
    Thanks Guys. Oh and have a happy Easter break you lot.
  18. +1

    Not an experience I'd care to repeat. Having your ear gnawed on makes concentrating on traffic kind of hard.

    And I also never leave my helmet on the bike but somehow I still managed to knock it over once. Massive scratch down the middle of the visor that couldn't be polished out followed by swearing and me spending $70 was the result.
  19. +1 again, the little buggers couldn't get in my ears cause of the plugs but sure as hell made sure i new they were there.
    Bugger about ur brain bucket though
  20. yeah i always did this too. untill the other day when i took a step back and ended up givving it the old soccer "back kick" and had to chase it for a few meters.

    but i suppose they all get scratched eventually. better like that then a highside