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Dropped my lid.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Gregors, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Dropped my Shoei XR-1100 today from about waist height, put a handful of tiny scratches in the outer shell, is this still going to be ok to use?

    Now that I've coloured in the scratches with a black texta, you can barely notice them, they aren't huge gouges or anything.

    Any advice?

  2. As long as the shell isn't cracked it's fine.
    The eps only gets 'used' when there is a weight inside of it. There is quite a bit of info in the forums about this, do a search and you will get much more details on it.
  3. needs a 5kg weight in it to have effect on the eps liner

    basically as Geeth said
  4. It's pretty much useless now.
    Tell, you what, I'll give you $20 for it, I'll just use it for G-Karting...
  5. lol white nite...

    i have dropped mine a shyt load of times .. and its got more hits then elvis.. but its just an open face so no matter what if i go down it aint gonna protect me anyway lol lol...
  6. Back when I wuz a teen, some mates had decided to "test" the durability of an old unwanted cheap open-face fibreglass helmet. They started with throwing stones from a distance, and grew to the point of heaving rocks onto the thing with all their might! And it still defied all their efforts. Badly chipped, but simply would not break/crack!

    Modern helmets of course, we're not talking about the outer shell, it is the inside foam padding/lining that's crucial for protection. Like others already stated, with no weight inside during the drop, the inside is unaffected.

    But if you take a fall with yr bonze inside the helmet impacting on the road, then even if only "scratched" or grazed externally, I wouldn't be comfortable using the helmet again due to the inner-shell being compromised.
  7. Modern helmets are made to withstand small drops from about a metre up or so. Lots of people drop their helmets when putting it on their mirrors/bars.

    it sucks that your helmet is scratched but hey chicks dig scars right?