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Dropped my helmet, need advise on a new one please

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by BradleyFutter, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Hi there,

    A couple weeks ago I did a weekend trip up to Seal Rocks and Forster (from Sydney) and dropped my helmet :roll: on a gravel road while getting off for some opportune pictures.

    So I have been looking at new helmets and really like the look and especially the fit of the Shoei DS Hornet.

    I'm after is rider experience in terms of noise and how much the peak catches the wind and what sort of speeds do these factors become an issue?


  2. Was there anything in your helmet when you dropped it?
    If it just dropped off the seat of you bike to the gravel there shouldn't be any issue with it.
    Helmets need weight in them to try to dispurse the energy, which ruins them. Empty helmet means you should be right.
  3. +1

    i dropped my old soumy 100 times. if i replaced everytime i did i would spend more on helmets than bikes.
  4. Its dropped hard enough to chip the paint, and its got a couple fracture lines along the fiberglass.

    I've had a couple people in various bike shops say replace it and some say they wouldn't worry about it. Two bike shops in particular who didn't stock the helmet I was after (so knowing I wouldn't buy from them) recommended I buy a new one.

    My only concern is what if... and if it is broken and doesn't provide the support it should...
  5. Paint getting removed isn't an issue. But with fractures I would be replacing it.
  6. If it's fracturse in the paint, you should be fine. Theres a vid of a SHOEI guy saying that if theres nothing inside the helmet (that the foam can crush against) then you should be right-o.

    If your not sure though, play it safe eh.
  7. Your call in the end, but, if it's only superficial damage to the outer shell/paint, then I'd still be wearing it. It's your head moving around in an accident and deforming the INTERNAL foam layer that makes a helmet unusable again. The internal layer is sacrificial; i.e. it is designed to deform ONCE so that your head doesn't. If it's not been damaged (which it won't have been from a simple drop) your helmet is OK.

    Of course the salesmen are going to tell you to replace it; they want to sell you a new one!! :p
  8. As stated, if the cracks are in the paint, don't worry about it.

    If it is in the fiberglass then replace it.

    My lid has gone through hell and back, there are more chips on it than there are on my shoulders :p

    Imagine if a helmet failed when it was knocked as yours was when you dropped it, what would it be like in a crash?

    The outter shell prevents penetration of the lid, the foam protects your grey matter.

    Wear it after you colour it in with a texta :grin:
  9. Must agree I dropped my last helmet a couple of times from the bike, but no visable damage and didn't believe it needed replacing.

    On the other hand my 2 month old shoei and I were in a very slow (10 or 15 ks and hour) slide on the tarmac....the question is there is no damage at all that I can see on the helmet! Either outside or inside, what do you reckon should I fork out another 700 bucks and repalce it?
  10. Did you slam your head against the road? if yes = replace, if no = carry on, as you were :)
  11. I think thats bad advice.

    If you've ever played contact sport or had a decent stack you'll know that after events, you can come home and find a hefty bruise or be bleeding somewhere you had no idea you'd even hit.

    I'd be replacing it.
  12. You're kidding, aren't you? ANY hit on the ground of a helmet will show a mark, even if you drop it off the tank while fuelling. If there are no marks on the helmet, there is NO reason to replace it. Did you read the data in the rest of the thread??? Did you read Vic's post just before yours???
  13. Actually I missed the part where he said the helmet was undamaged, I read the part where he said he and it went for a slide. My bad :)

    I thought thus that vic was saying if it's scraped, but you dont remember a bang, dont bother...which I'd contest :p
  14. I couldn't see how you could damage a helmet with a slide and not take paint off it.
  15. Me either, should be fine.
  16. Mouth gave me some good advice once when I dropped my then brand new shark straight onto the only stone on the footpath taking a chip of paint off the helmet.
    Colour it in with texta then coat it with a small amount of clear nail polish.
    I had that helmet another 5 years before I replaced it.
  17. Not to be a wanker, seriously, but the under the shell is foam, and they are extremely picky about telling you (on most helmets) not to put anything chemical anywhere near it.

    If it's a small part maybe but i'm not sure what melts that foam or degrades it. I do know petrol + foam = napalm, as one example. Not sure if i'd want to put texta and nail polish along a hefty mark then seal it in. Besides, foam degrades anyway doesnt it? Don't they recommend a new helmet every 2-3 years?
  18. The rec is normally 5 years of usage or 10 years after manufacture for replacement from what I have read.

  19. Do you ever READ a fcuking post?
    Where did I say the SHELL was damaged?
    I said the PAINT was chipped
    FFS no wonder everyone is on your case
    COMPREHENSION is a very good attribute to have.
    Water based texta and nail polish which is acrylic based does no damage to the shell. :roll:
  20. *EDIT* You know, my first response to you was equally rude, but whats the point?

    I even said I'm not trying to be a wanker because I had a feeling you specifically would overreact to someone asking an honest question about one of your statements

    For a guy having a go about comprehension, could you please note that I clearly said *under* the shell is the foam. I then went on to say I'm not even sure what *could* degrade either, but if you read the specs / recommendations of any manufacturer they recommend you don't put most chemicals/solvents anywhere near a helmet. Intact, chipped, shell, foam exposed or otherwise.
    It's food for thought given the safety aspect. I was seeking advice or an opinion from other members on this forum. I'm just trying to promote discussion/thought on the topic. Plenty of chemicals are capable of passing through plastic/fibreglass or degrading it. I'm not a chemist but I can read a label.

    Thanks for putting my concerns to rest. What were your qualifications in chemistry again?

    For what it's worth. My helmets chipped, and I merely slapped a high vis sticker on it. I dont think any degradation if it does occur would be severe enough to worry about. But I'm no expert.

    Mhmm. If any of that schemozzle in the other thread was justified why did most of those mildly abusive posts magically dissapear. Perhaps some other members of the moderation team don't agree with your viewpoint.