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dropped my guard

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by raven, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. Dropped my guard and got the shit scared out of me, this morning...

    I was riding to work feeling a bit lazy...puttering along in the traffic, keeping the usual scans and mirror work going nicely...all very relaxed and at ease...

    I peeled off down a freeway on ramp and stopped at the red light...since I was alone there, and feeling rather vulnerable (like a sitting duck), I nervously glanced in the mirrors to make sure some dipshit was'nt going to run me down.

    Sitting there facing the red light, fairly assured I was safe, some freakin arsehole blows through the red light doing a nice rate of speed - probably more than 100k's, about 2 ft away from me in the next lane.
    Scared the fcuking shit outa me...I mean...there I was relaxed, docile, and minding my own business, and this fcukwit oblivious to how his blast past me at close quarters might affect me...nothing but up your arse inconsideration.

    Well...being a bloody hot-head at times, I totally spat it!...wheeelied off in a red mist and caught up with the yahoo in about 3secs **(Never do that if you can help it - bearing in mind I've let alot of things go by without a reaction these past few months)**....to find him chatting away merrily on his cell phone...I could not even attract his attention, so I banged hard on his window, yelled and screamed then realized he only had to wander an inch or two and he'd have me off the bike. eurgh!
    I sooooo wanted to headbutt this ignorant fcukwit in a suit, but had to just suck it up and split away and leave the shithead behind - fuming merrily for the rest of the ride to work. **(second mistake - failed to get over it, and allowed my mind to keep going back to what was already behind me - bad move)**

    Lesson...try not relax too much!, and try reeeeally hard not to do what I did...it really aint worth it...eurgh!

    ok...pant pant...rant over. (before my head explodes)

  2. :shock: That would have scared the bejeebuz out of me. Don't feel too bad, I would have wanted to give him a kevlar sandwhich too...

    and on the phone too!

    ugh, i wish there was something we could do about the mobile phone tossers...


    Seriously, there has to be some way to do something about this that is at least borderline legal.... I'm so sick of people on phones making our roads that much more dangerous....
  3. Glad you're ok. :shock:

    The worst thing is when you keep going over it in your head, you know you should just let it go & move on, but sometimes it's impossible.
  4. Why tap on the window? :?

    You can't have a conversation with a movign driver, especially when he's already on the phone. :facepalm: These situations are why cars are fitted with mirrors and beautifully painted doors. A swift kick says all it needs too. :wink: :LOL:

    And try to relax. This bloke will be dead soon enough either by vehicle accident, heart attack or strangled with his own tie, so you needn't bother worrying about it. Let karma do it's thing. :)
  5. did u run the red light aswell to catch up to him?
  6. Or.... we could let me act on behalf of karma and strangle him with his tie!
  7. Stop being a sook. He was on the Monday morning mystery drive. If you don't like close passing, stay at home! ;)
  8. You need to fit your bike up with a special Pipe sleeve.

    one that can carry a Crow Bar or anything of the sorts. that way your knock on his window would have attracted a much more desired affect :LOL:
  9. "....tis the season to get stroppy, tra lalalalala, la la la LAH M@THER F%*KER..."

    I'm with Seany, a repair bill at this time of the year would make a nice present.
  10. Mirrors aren't overly cheap to replace :p
  11. Okay, I understand your frustration but... with all due respect, its not really your business that this moron was on a mobile and ran a red light, as neither of those things relate to you. You just took it personally, he didn't merge into you, he didn't make you take evasive action and most importantly, he didn't crash into you. You are free to complain to the authorities, but that's where your responsibility ends.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that he did the right thing but that is between him and the authorities. Sure, you got scared by his actions ..but thats your problem, its not his fault you're a pussy :p (joking, but I hope u get my point about limits to responsibility).

    Do you have any idea how many people you probably scare by riding loudly past them in what they would consider 'close proximity' and at a 'great rate of speed' when lane splitting. Imagine they all start taking matters into their own hand. Like him, you know what you're doing and its your business.

    All the people that think you should've damaged his car: Do you go around damaging every car that you see speeding, running red lights, parked in disabled bays, etc?
    If not, then I don't see how you can justify this. If you do, then ... :shock:

    Leave the violence to occasions when cars try to merge into you (sawn off shotty) :p
  12. Booting his mirror off would have said everything you needed to say at the time.

    Would have saved time on your commute too :D

    Of course you did the technically wrong thing but hey even the best of us get done for murder and get off on temporary insanity :wink:
  13. Good point. Should of used a Tazer on his Lazer. :p
  14. A tip I got from someone here, carry a little piece of 20mm roadbase in your pocket!

    At your own risk tho! lol
  15. Small squeeze bottle/sachet, filled with brake fluid. Skirt on car as you ride past. Brake fluid + paint = no more paint.
  16. i remember this conversation on the MR...
  17. Wrong. If the guy didn't notice a light what makes you think he noticed a guy on a bike?

    Could've been just luck that he missed raven.
  18. Forget the Brake Fluid thing. Modern Brake fluid doesn't do that anymore, but Battery acid does.
  19. Just carry around a vile of aqua regia (mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acid). That will eat through the metal!

    Only problem is it goes off fairly quickly so you would have to mix up a batch before you go riding.
  20. Good to hear you were not hurt mate.
    As you well know, many motorists today just don't give a fcuk :roll:
    I'd come across 10 assholes to one considerate cager, but that ONE cager is all it takes to restore my faith that not all of them are assholes.
    I know it's difficult to stay calm and not wanna kick the assholes head in, but bikes being what they are always certainly to come off 2nd best in an altercation.
    Cheers mate