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Dropped my bike..... :(

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by The Phoenix, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. I came home after a great ride and there was no room on the drive way, to get my bike into the backyard or even to park it. Cause we had some visitors. So I decided to park it on the grass...big mistake. I parked it, put the stand down and went to open the door. The stand sank into the mud and my bike fell over, stupid soft ground. Result is broken windshield.
    How much will this cost to replace?

  2. Doesn't matter, make the visitors pay for it.


    Hard to say not knowing the model or anything.
  3. LOL maybe just maybe.... :twisted:
    I have a cbr250rr
  4. yeah you gotta be careful of grass and that especially after all the rain alot of places have had, windscreen should be between $50-$150, depends if you want to upgrade it to a tinted or coloured one aswell
  5. $50 will get you a good one
  6. Cool thanks heaps. I thought it was going to be something like $250-$400. :shock:
  7. 120 for a nice tinted one, 30-60 from the wreckers, though if your gona replace your screen you should think about getting bigger rear views as well, i have to move my arms some times when i look back,
  8. Yeah that’s a great idea, I can hardly see past my arm on the right side. No matter how much I try to adjust the mirror.
    One more question.....
    Where to buy from? Eg. Name and location.

  9. What is it with newbies and their profiles.

    It would be easy to suggest a place nearby if you bothered to fill out your profile details.
  10. a wrecker or bike shop. But mate, think about it, WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED ?????
  11. http://eaglescreens.com.au

    I asked for the price of a CBR250R, and heres their response:

    We make a Race screen for $85 (made from 2mm clear material only)
    Standard for $120 (made from 3mm material)
    Windlip for $125
    and Double Bubble/High Contour for $130
    That's for any colour Tint or Clear that you like although Dark Tint often looks the best.
    Once made, delivery is by Overnight Airbag for $17.50 which carries in-transit insurance against breakage.
    Ordering can be online via email and payment can be made by Credit Card or Direct Deposit.
    Credit Card payment attracts a 2% Bank surcharge though.
    Please note that this quote will remain current for 14 days.
    Thanks for your enquiry.

    So expect similar prices :D
  12. Location updated. :oops:

    Thanks for the info, i have sent them an E-mail
  13. I've never used phpbb but is it possible perhaps to force a location entry when signing up?

    /end of off topic hijack
  14. Hey I dropped my bike for the first time on grass when parking in my backyard. I learned early on that kickstand on soft grass wasn't a good idea. Unfortunately it took a drop before I realised stopping on wet grass can be very difficult.
  15. I guess if your going to drop your bike, I would rather it be on soft grass than the tar mat. :wink:
  16. Great excuse to invest in a Double Bubble!

    Get yourself a mud bug, or use a flatten aluminium can when you have to park on soft ground.
  17. Matthews first crash
  18. you cold always look at aftermarket windscreens or a reckers you should get away with $50 to $150
  19. I got quoted $140 for DB with dark tint, from eagle screens. So I might just go with them.
  20. mate just streetfighter it now.. naked baby naked streetfighter or cafe racer.. choice is endless