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Dropped my bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Nuff, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. I'm really pissed at myself, I only had the bike for one week and I've already dropped it. Worst of all it was the 2nd corner that I took after leaving my home. I've decided to take advantage of the sunny weather in the afternoon and practice slow cornering in backstreets, since I've a lot of problems with it. Every time that I stop at lights and I'm right at the front trying to make a left hand turn, I'm scared that I will drop the bike.

    Anyway, I was making very tight right hand turn from a stop and I wasn't smooth enough with the throttle when leaning in to the turn, I abruptly accelerated then decelerated, I started to feel that I'm going to drop my bike and I was putting my right foot down, but I wasn't fast enough and the bike dropped on me. The peg landed on my ankle and it pinned me down. I couldn't get out from under the bike. And I was in such a position that I couldn't get it up myself. Lucky for me there were people chatting on the street and one guy walked up and helped me pick up the bike. Out of no where a rider appeared and asked if I'm ok. I was more surprised that he was there then in any pain. All I've is a bit sore knee and my boots did a great job of protecting my ankle from the peg.

    Now the fairing is scratched in few spots, engine cover is scratched. The indicator popped off and i was able to get it back on, it's scratched as well. The mirror is scratched a bit as well.

    I feel very comfortable once I'm moving and at speed, I rode from burwood to parramatta, then to artarmon and I didn't have a single issue.

    Does any one know if there's a good car park around burwood where I can practice all the slow speed stuff?

    Now I regret that I didn't get a naked bike :(
  2. Here's my trip for today.
  3. Bad luck mate. You need one of these :LOL:
  4. Insurance is your friend, glad you are ok.
  5. I think this should be a sticky! :shock:
  6. Pfft, Insurance is bullshit.
  7. That depends upon how cash rich you are I guess, or how stupid one would be for not having any....
  8. I didn't say don't get any, im just saying that insurance companys suck.
  9. Another pearl of wisdom. Get back to us when you owe someone $35k and could have avoided it with a $250 premium..........

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Sorry to hear you droped it mate.

    Try the car parks over at homebush olympic site ,it's a good spot for a cruise around and heaps of empty parking lots.
  11. Cleverlie wrote:
    TWEET wrote:
    Insurance is your friend, glad you are ok.

    Pfft, Insurance is bullshit.

    Oxygen's a bit over-rated too :roll:
  12. and water :roll:

    I've offered Nuff some one on one training with me, so hopefully I can make sure he doesn't drop his GS again!
  13. So your all saying that insurance companies have never tried to get out of paying for something for you or someone you know?

    Well when they do, I'll be there to say, i told you so.

    $250 premium, Wow, sounds like you have a good record and really old.
  14. Insurance isn't my friend, since I'm on my learners, my premium is $1k, I'm not going to fix it up for now, just in case I drop it again.
  15. Good stuff man, Wear those battle scars with pride and make up a kick ass story to go with them.
  16. yeap, girls love them! :grin:
  17. Well bugger me! I dont need insurance after all. Turns out theres thing called invincibility and its free! I gotta get me some of that.
  18. Better hope you never run into a Rolls Royce or worse still MY bike!
  19. i never got comp on my 250, but ill be sure as fcuk getting it on the firestorm, 1400 dollars for the first year is well and truely worth it for a bike with a $13100 market value. you really are an idiot for not getting 3rd party property, especially when it only costs 150 bucks (AND THATS WITH THE BLOODY NRMA!!)

    Nuff, oggy knobs mate! its a must have for a faired bike imho. they were the first thing to go on the new storm!

  20. Bad luck mate on the drop, if you ever want to go practice some where or feel like a ride msg me :p its always more fun when there is more people. Also who are you insured with?

    I also suggest you try some group riding. I currently ride every thursday and weekends now with a group of guys. It really boosts your confidence and helps you realise what you need to improve on.

    Im thinking of riding down towards strathfield 2day to see my sis so il scout for a good carpark around that area for ya if i get the chance