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dropped my bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by furrycreature, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. my bikes not insured yet so iv been riding it in my driveway, theres not to much room to change direction so i was practicing tight turns because i couldn't be bothered pushing it round, anyway i was going a bit fast and grabbed the front brake a bit hard and the bike just dropped on its side. now normally i might be able to catch it but i sprained my wrist at work and couldnt hold it up. both the bike and i hit the deck (softer than falling off a horse) i thought id killed it but the broken tube i was looking at was just the overflow.well i hurt my wrist even more so i didnt ride it for a day then got on today, doing tight turn again and the bike ran out of fuel, bike starts falling again same side same wrist but i was a bit quicker this time . now my boss is being a pain because i made my wrist worse on a motorbike and can't lift 40kg at work. funny thing is i only way 50kg and im female. :evil:

  2. you have to lift 40kg? isn't that against work place health and safety or something like that? hope your wrist gets better soon and keep practicing but dont damage yourself to the point of not being able to ride again!
  3. Above 30kg = skid/pallet for transporting goods.
    Even big, burly truckies won't touch something above 30kg's!

    What line of work is this in, furrycreature?

    furrycreature - btw that sucks. I did the same thing when I got my bike... didn't even have my L's yet and I was riding it practicing low-speed stuff in a park near my house. Grabbed some front-brake while turning right at low speed and the bike took a dive.

    ... then I had to figure out how to lift the damn thing back up again!

    Luckily it was on grass, so no damage :grin:
  4. that sucks.

    40kg? that's way more than ANY OH&S could require of anyone. also, if you hurt your wrist at work because you were lifting that much you should be recieving compensation of some kind, I should think.
  5. From the NSW Workcover site

    There is no longer a prescribed maximum weight limit for lifting for either men or women.

    The weight of the load needs to be considered in relation to a number of other risk factors such as the:

    actions and movements
    working posture and position when lifting
    duration and frequency of manual handling
    location of loads and the distances moved
    characteristics of the load.
    Light loads can still be a problem if for example they are lifted incorrectly or if light loads are lifted in an environment that is unsafe.

    The National Code of Practice: Manual Handling indicates that the risk of injury increases when:

    lifting weights of more than 4.5 kg while seated
    lifting weights above the range of 16-20 kg.
    (weights over 55 kg should not be lifted without mechanical assistance or team lifting. )
    pushing, pulling and sliding objects that are difficult to move.
  6. :|

    That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.... well not the stupidest, but getting close, there should be a maximum lift just so this kind of thing doesn't happen. Ah well, what can I say, the government is not something I've ever had much faith in.
  7. yer silley duffer... never go the front brake in a slow tight manouver!

    Bugger about the wrist and the bike.

    I think you've earned some of this: [img:44:42:9e263c8683]http://techhelpers.net/e4u/drink/trink21.gif[/img:9e263c8683] [img:24:18:9e263c8683]http://techhelpers.net/e4u/drink/trink26.gif[/img:9e263c8683] [img:51:51:9e263c8683]http://techhelpers.net/e4u/drink/trink22.gif[/img:9e263c8683] :beer: :beer:
  8. if you are doing tight slow turns, practice using your rear brake instead of front brakes to stop or slow down, it will make the bike stop or slow down alot more stable compared to using the front brake. you do not need to stomp on the rear brake (so that it might lock up)
  9. my first job was landscaping.. cement bags were 40kg, then baking, flour bags 25kg, they are now 15... the OHS max is 16kg not 16-20.. yes you can lift it but TECHNICALLY rule is 2 people if more than 16 and yeah whatever teh other dude said for mech assist
  10. hah my boss thinks lifting is a one person job. if i complain i lose my lob and he gets someone else who can. i had to move 30 bags of seed each weighing 20 - 40kg in half an hour on my own :evil: oh well
  11. oooh my head is just reeling with the potential legal suits here!!! hehehehe

    I know its easier said that done - but get a new job! all it takes is one little slip and it could be bye bye walking and riding a bike! and at 17 that is defo not a good thing to happen!! ;-)
  12. work cover phss i work at incitec pivot and have had to re stack 2 1000kg palets of 50kg bags on my own in about 10 mins (truck was waiting) depending on the industry u work in weight of things dont mean shit u just have to get used to it..

    And big burly truckys will lift more then 40 kgs