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Dropped my bike - what a retard

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by horto15, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. To every noobie out there that has ever dropped their bike; I would like to offer my sincere apologies. Up until yesterday, I had wondered to myself how you could ever manage to be so careless as to drop your bike, until I DROPPED MINE THROUGH CARELESSNESS! I was parked on a bit of a lean and threw my leg over without thinking too much about it. My hands were full with crap I was about to load into the boot space (on my Across) and the bike immediately started to tip. As my hands were full, I couldn’t do much about it and it was like this slow motion fall from grace lol, not pretty. Not too much damage just a few scratches, but I snapped the LHS mirror and clutch lever, so I will need to scout for new ones :S

    Worst part about it, there was a seriously attractive blonde walking past on the other side of the street – Doh!

    All in all, an annoying but relatively inexpensive way to learn a lesson – pay attention at all times!

  2. Would it make you feel better to know that at least you got more attention from her than you would've otherwise? :p
  3. If you weren't about to drop the bike, she wouldn't have been there at all. Hot blondes have a way of being around when you're about to do something embarrassing. With time, you'll learn to be extra alert whenever you see one :)
  4. It's a biatch, we've all done it. Well, to be honest I haven't done it YET, but it's only a matter of time.
    When it comes to moving the bike I take the 'astronaut' approach; think everything through twice, take your time and do things properly.
  5. I feel for you... both for dropping the bike and dropping it in front of a hottie.

    Sooo many stories of people dropping their bikes, I am a statistic too.
  6. Dunno what I'd be more pissed off about .. a scratched bike, or a bruised EGO :oops:
    I sympathize
  7. Did you manage to pick up the bike on your own? If you did, how?

    I can't pick up Peaches when she's down... :oops:
  8. I think its the bruised ego more than anything...
    haha thanks for the advice jekyll, ill keep that in mind...
    Yeah I picked it up by myself, with the blonde AND another motorbiek rider who obviously thought 'what a noob' both watching on! I just reefed it up, I am obviously luckily strong enough (nice to know the gym isn't a complete waste of time!)
  9. What do you mean by "reefed it up?" Sorry I'm a complete noob, and I've dropped the bike before. Jeff picked it up the last time, but I'm worried if it happens again and I'm alone.

  10. When you drop you're bike the anger/adrenaline wave is enough to lift a goldwing.

    If I had peaches and dropped it, I could probably throw it a few metres ;)

    Remember you're not lifting the bike, you're levering it upright.
  11. Ok good point. But HOW do I leverage a bike though, without scratching it? The last time I tried to pick up an FZR250 that I dropped I think I managed to slide it a few cms, thank god the fairings sustained no damage. And no, I didn't manage to pick up the Fizzer then either. Yes, I'm a wuss.

    But Peaches is new, so I'm terrified of scratchign her. When you say leverage, do I hold her by the handlebars and just try and push her up?
  12. Yo Peaches. Check out the technique for picking up dropped bikes on youtube. Someone here had a link, you'll find it with the search anyway. It is very useful to have the technique in the back of the mind.

    Just wished I knew about 'the technique' when I dropped my bike, dam nearly killed myself picking it up!
  13. OK thanks will do!
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  16. In HOBART??!!! :shock: Can't be a true story then :p

    Seriosuly though, sorry to hear that mate. I've done it myself :oops:
  17. My brother dropped mine!!!

    Borrowed it without my permission one day when I was at work, (he's a learner as well, although he totally sucks at it), and it starts to rain, he skids out around the roundabout, comes off, and the bike keeps going.

    Long story short, it cost me $1800 in plastic welding and parts to repair everything. The dude at Redback (behind Joes Motorcycles) did a fantastic job and matched it back perfectly. His name was Paul, and he was sooo much better than dealing with the Canberra Motorcycle Centre who quoted me $4500 in repairs. I only paid $3500 for the bike. Like hell, chumps!

    I didn't want to fork out $80 a decal from Kawasaki for the ZZR logos, so the dude made custom one's up for me. I think they look pretty cool, and it makes the bike unique which is also kinda cool.

    Brothers suck!
  18. I take it you are now less one brother ? :LOL: :LOL:
    :shock: I stil cant get my head around the cost of plastics/fairings etc..
    Owning a naked gives me a warm feeling inside
  19. Don't feel too bad. I was walking past a Kawa dealer the other day at lunch time to witness a new Ninja 250 being assessed for RHS damage with its owner in near tears.
    After popping in yesterday it turns out the poor bastard just picked it up, had the dealer bring it round front, got his pant snagged on the right foot peg and floored it! :shock:

    Bit of a lesson!
  20. Any chance of some pictures to show it off! I'm keen to have a look.