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Dropped my bike today...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Pommie, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    Some of you might know I recently got off the crutches and out of the boot onto my own two feet once again. Happy days. Best part was I could go for a ride again!

    Friday night I rode to a friends place in Ellenbrook in WA, Perth, for a BBQ. The ride went well, and I was feeling good. Ankle felt absolutely fine, even tried a few hard brakes using the rear brake, no problems.

    Come Sunday, I got a call from another mate saying him and a friend were going for a ride to Bindoon, do I want to come? Hell yes! Its a ride we've all done heaps of times. We head off to Bindon at 11am, for an excellent ride. We arrive at the pie shop/cafe, im thinking my friends will swing left into the carpark out front of it, so I swing out wide to the right in preperation. Instead they break right too park opposite the pie shop. Ok no worries, I'll just make a hard left turn followed by a hard right turn at slow speed as I've always done.

    What I forgot though, was the fact that I have very little muscle in my right leg due to the extended period I was in a cast healing up from the broken ankle. So as I turn right at slow speed, I turn a little too hard, plus my friends have stopped, no probs, I'll just take the weight of the bike with my right leg. As I placed it down and the weight went down on my right leg, I realised with a shock that I couldn't support the bike?!

    There was a horrible moment as I desperately tried to keep the bike up, but my leg couldn't do it, so down I went. It was a controlled drop, ending with me splayed out nicely, foot still under the running bike. I was so pissed off, starting banging my head on the road. My mates didn't realise what had happened for another 5 seconds or so, but soon came over to help. Must have been hilarious for the people sitting outside having a pie.

    Its easy to forget how weak my leg is, I can walk on it fine now, just a little pain from a strained tendon is all up till now. I limped away from my now parked bike, my leg was aching from the exhertion suddenly placed upon it.

    Afterwards, I did an inspection, the right side had damage too the fairing from the previous owner. Luckily, didn't seem to be much new damage, just a few more scuffs along the fairing. So I got off relatively lucky.

    So I learnt a lesson, first time I've ever dropped a bike. Also got to experience the fun of trying to get a dropped bike up... Met two local bikers at the cafe, told them about what happened, one asked if I'd like to try lifting his big bike up, which weighed about 230kg... I said no :D

    Morale of the story, be careful getting back into riding after a serious lower body injury!

    Sorry for the length.
  2. Good thing you didn't reinjure yourself :shock:
  3. I was thinking the same thing :shock:. It takes some time for the unused muscles and stuff to get back to full strength; you look after yourself, now, hear!
  4. Lucky it was only layed down so to speak and not dropped.

    At least your friends were there to help quickly nothing worse than been pinned under a hot bike waiting for someone to come over.
  5. + Paul
    You'd better nurse that thing before you end up premanently damaging it
  6. take it from someone with recurring knee problems. let it get better first. completely. get your strength back before you start getting back out there, and dont try and go doing twisty runs straight away either. in the end it could cost you alot more than just the bike. im 27 now, with the knees of a 50 year old, and am looking forward to a life of pain and arthritis.
    glad it was just a drop and not something more serious, hope its not going to cost you to much, certainly sounds like you have got off easy, which is a good thing.
  7. The ankle its self is pretty good now. Just the lack of muscle and the inflammed tendon. I am lucky I came out of it ok, plus the bike ain't too bad either.

    I wasn't going hard through the twisties, just was out for a nice breath of fresh air. Nice scenery on the Bindoon run, plus my friends knew I wasn't going for any pace.

    Thanks for the replies guys, all is well! :)
  8. Ouch!! We live and we learn I guess, take it easy mate and get well......
  9. Bad luck Pommie, I hate hearing these sorts of stories... but not too much damage plus a great story for all of us and the people at the pie shop, so not all is lost :wink:

    Once I was doing a steep uphill goat track and somehow manged to flip my dirt bike and ende up pinned between it and a tree. It was funny at first because it was like the bike had got me into some sort of ancient chinese leg lock that I just couldn't get out of, but after I realized I was stuck I started to panic a bit. The exhaust was leaning on my boot and starting to heat it up :shock:
    It took a good 5 minutes before the boys realized the group was one less and came back and lifted the bike off me. By the time they got there I was in agony.
    Funny when I think about it now though :LOL:
  10. that sounds scarily like something you've learnt from first hand experience?
  11. That stuff is weird eh...my first drop I tried to lay it across wet tram track,
    next thing I know is Im comfortably (!! figure that one out) being dragged down Victoria St by the bike.