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Dropped my bike today - insurance advice - Bike now fixed !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by crusey, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. Hello Folks,

    Dropped my bike today in the rain (turning left into dorset road from mount dandy road in croydon).

    Damaged the tank, headlight ass, instrument cluster, clutch lever, sidestand, handlebars.

    My insurance excess is $1500

    Insurance policy states that it covers replacement of my riding gear and helmet

    I assume cheapest option will be to proceed with a claim


  2. Did you damage it badly?

    Methinks you should go and get some quotes on parts and see if it's worthwhile before lodging a claim.
  3. gee we've had a few downs lately, take it easy out there peeps
  4. That's a very high excess. Who are you insured with?
    Most insurances for older riders (with no experience) only come out to about $500 PA max for that type of bike.
  5. Learn to ride in the rain guys, go slow take it easy, I've riden in the rain a few times and never come off, mind you I suppose it COULD have been oil or something I dunno. Sorry to hear and yeah get a quote before lodging the claim, could save you in the long run (as your insurance won't go up higher).
  6. Just bear in mind, when you make a claim, if you don't have "no claim bonus protection" you will lose 2 ratings. So next year your premiums will be ALOT higher.
  7. Re: Dropped my bike today - insurance advice

    Hi Scott,

    I would go and get checked out at emergency first thing just to make sure your ok.

    As for the bike if it's worth about $4k I don't know if I would be keen to pay out $1500 for an excess plus the extra in premiums due to making a claim. In my opinion you would probably be better off repairing what you need to make it roadworthy and then worrying about the rest of it when you upgrade or sell it. Is the bike rideable?, if so I'm only in Bayswater if you wanted to ride it round I'm happy to have a look at it and see what the minimum is you can get away with, or alternatively if you get the parts and need a hand fitting them I'm happy to help.

  8. I rode home but the bike is not safe to ride.

    I agree that $1500 is excessive however If I get a new set of gear it may well be worth it.

    I'm allready a rating 6 due to a chequered past so not sure the policy can go up much more.

    My knees, hip and shoulder ache a little, will get them checked out tomorrow if they get worse overnight.

  9. Could this be the same Crusey who attended, participated and organised The Runs in Sydney with a similar car to mine back in the early 2000s ??? :grin:
  10. Yeah mate get Brett to have a look at it, he's a top bloke, knows his stuff and is close to you. If it ain't safe to ride I wouldn't ride it, get Brett to come pick it up if you have to. I've used him many times.

    Also get yourself checked out!
  11. It will. You can go up to rating 10. If you make a claim on rating 10, the company will not offer any renewal and this puts a black mark against you with other insurers... It's one of the first underwriting questions you need to answer when getting insurance with anyone...

    Don't let yourself get anywhere near rating 10....
  12. To claim or not to claim... that is the question.

    I'll be watching this thread with interest, as I just did the same thing yesterday. Get lots of advice, and even some professional ones before you make your final decision.

    Yes, you'll be sore today (Lord knows I am) but get a quack to look at u, and book yourself into a chiro in a week to get your alignment back in order.

    Take care out there. Be as one with your bike and not with the road!
  13. im sure kish will u give u the right advice when he comes on
  14. I wouldnt pay that :shock:
    Sucks your tank got damaged, if it wasnt for that the rest would cost you very little to buy parts.
    Tuff call on that one.
  15. Dry spell.

    I still laugh when I see it rain in the city after a long dry spell, and you see so many road users, of all kinds, still belting along danger close up each others arse. And then you only have to go a few intersections till you see the crack ups. Then you see tow trucks circling like vultures, ready to tow away the carnage.

    The best I saw was on the freeway some dick in a commodore go past me in a hail storm at over 130 kmh. I saw the same car wedged under a tree in the median strip half a Kay later!
  16. Update for those interested

    Had the bike checked out today, bit more damage than I thought

    Definately proceeding with an insurance claim, the bike may be written off as its only worth 4k new

  17. Finally got my bike back...................what a saga

    4k bike, 2k damage that took local Yamaha Dealer 9 weeks to fix !

    Still missing a couple of parts that they couldnt get.......

    $1000 insurance excess
    $550 back for damaged riding gear

  18. well the insurance was worth it then...
  19. <post removed>