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Dropped my bike this arvo

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tweetster, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. Was a great day for a ride over my way today... was out for about 4 hours of bliss. Got home and parked on the road, while I unlocked the gates. Hopped back on the bike, reversed back & round (done it many times!!)... lined up for the driveway. All good.... until:

    Wobble, wobble (for some reason).... feeling of impending doom and right foot down did not stop the momentum... argh!! (the road is on a hill)

    I'm sure that right on your driveway is probably one of the safest places to drop your bike, but heck!!.. no one is trying to drop their bike eh!! :-s

    I tried to pick it up, but I couldn't.. so I had to enlist the help of a friendly neighbour :oops: (thank you friendly neighbour!)

    No major damage to the bike (hopefully!), scratches on the fairings, floppy front break lever, and a broken oil level view glass and/or oil leak. Sore right ankle to idiot rider and severely dented pride!! :oops::oops::oops:

    Ah well!!.... that's the 1st drop over and done with!!....8-[

  2. Sorry to hear.....It will/can happen to all of us...... Fix her up and keep on riding!

  3. Sorry to hear , but now its out of the way and hopefully never hapens again, we have a steep driveway too, and turning the bike then reversing down it so i can drive straight out of the garage is always a risky job. touch wood i've been ok so far
  4. Ah Tweetster, my sympathies. It's happened to most of us and the dented pride is the worst.

    As they say, at least you're OK!
  5. I've dropped mine twice already..
    Had it for less that 3 months :p

    First time's the worst.. After that you're just like AHH CRAP, NOT AGAIN!!! and just get on with life :grin:
  6. You're not alone!!
    It's happened to most of us at some stage...
  7. Dumbass....[-(

    Put a bandaid on the small scratch on the fairing, you will never know the difference....
  8. Welcome to the "I dropped it club", there are a lot of members!
  9. Now there's a club I NEVER intended to join.


    How stupid and naïve I was... :grin:
  10. I stopped counting years ago, training wheels are looking good.
  11. ... me too!! :-k

  12. ... good idea!! I'll see if Kawasaki have any when I go get the repair items!..:D
  13. Stop crying tweets, your friggin bike is fixed....with no visible signs of damage....

    Now don't drop it again....
  14. Lucky your drop was a stationary drop. I came close once and caught my bike and yanked it up in one movement when the bar end was about 40 or 50 cm from the ground. My first drop turned out to be an interesting one resulting in a binning. Happy riding.
  15. a bike is not a bike until it's been dropped ;) at least you didn't have much of an audience watching

    i had a "Driveway Malfunction" on my bike within the first day of having it. c'est la vie.
  16. That sucks tweets!
    I have sympathy for you for all but the ankle though.... and terrible as that sounds, heres my majorly swollen ankle (took the photo 1 min ago)... workplace, not motorbike incident :-({|=.

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  17. OUCH!!.... hey Messy!!, that looks bloody awful!!. Hope it heals up quicky for you. What the hell did you do? (am I the only one to see a heart shape bruise on your ankle bone? lol)

    Well, no one came to my rescue, but that doesn't mean no one saw me fumbling and skidding around like a blasted twat!! :roll:

    Thanks again for fixing bike grange, thank goodness for Silverwater wreckers eh! (spare part on site rather than having to wait)... can't guarantee that I wont drop it again, but certainly won't be trying to 8-[
  18. Don't think I want to see the damage if you were to try....
  19. 8-[ .......
  20. not a bad one for a first drop tweet.
    At least your ok and the bike isnt too bad.