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Dropped my bike....steep driveway

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ewok2000, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. My 3 week new VTR250 was "christened" on the weekend with a couple of new decorations, one on the pillion seat and a decent scratch on the muffler.

    The story was I was riding to work on the weekend to catch up on stuff. The driveway into the office building is a pretty steep downhill slope and right in the middle of the downhill part is where you stop to swipe the card.

    Got a bit unbalanced while looking for my card, took foot off back brake and away the bike went....jumped off and managed to hang on so that the bike dropped slowly. Pillion seat swiped a yellow concrete pole on the way down.

    Thinking next time I ride into work, I'll put on the sidestand and hop off the bike to swipe the card. Short of this, anyone got any bright ideas?

    And I know it sounds stupid (but it kinda hurts to look at the scratch:cry:) but how much would it cost to repaint the pillion seat you reckon?

    Muffler was going to get replaced with a Staintune anyways....
  2. sticky tape the card to the back of your glove...
  3. I've been thinking about all sorts of scenarios that might happen once I get my Ls and bike.One is our steep driveway that we share with our neighbours.My wifes got friends that come to our place who dunno how to reverse.If I'm going up the driveway as one of them is coming down....
    Guess I'll have to wait and see when it happens
  4. You can get those stretchy reel things that clip on your belt to hold your swipe card......pull up at the reader, stretch it out to swipe, then it'll retract back to your hip.

    or maybe a lanyard? (i dont know if that'd fit over your helmet though)
  5. Retractable key chain is the way to go. You can get them for $6 at Officeworks.
  6. Depending how steep driveway is. Stop, put bike in first gear and hit kill switch. Then something for your security card as above. Roll through, start bike up and park.
  7. make sure to remove it before you get going again though - those things fly off pretty easily when you're going!!
  8. I second what Toecutter said. Stop in first gear, killswitch off, clutch out. Gives you both hands and feet to balance. Roll and bump start or hit starter as you roll through gate. OR. If boom gate, ride around it. :grin:

    Don't try to use the side stand, as on a sloping driveway that could easily end in tears as well. My bike has been christened on both sides, lightly, both times on a sloping driveway.

    If you got the Netrider lanyard with your membership, it has a loop that unclips which would be perfect for this. The benefit of a lanyard is that when you're riding it can be tucked inside your jacket. No worries about it blowing away. Easy access to pull it out when you need it.

    See the merchandise section if you don't have one. . . or PM Vic as I don't see it in the Merch section. :roll:
  9. +1... i have a neptune on mine. Very different sound to the staintune... deeper bark/rumble... Works out to be cheaper than a staintune too :wink:

    *edit* I see you're in the Inner West... where abouts? My girlfriend lives in Annandale, so i'm around there a fair bit... PM me if you want me to swing by so you can have a listen to the neptune...
  10. Thanks for the tip. Managed to get one from the office stationary cupboard today.

    Nice to see someone trying to get Netrider financially solvent. Agree with what you've said. Would add that thinking some more, maybe I should have turned the handles too when I stopped, so it doesn't roll downhill so easily.

    Sent you a PM. Thanks!
  11. i agree with stopping the bike and turning the motor off, leaving it in gear to act as a brake, best advise for your situation.

    i too have a steep driveway at work, i sometimes park the bike on an uphill slope. i use the gearbox to hold the bike from rolling down whilst i get my sh1t together, then do a hill start using the rear brake to hold the bike untill revs and clutch are ready for take off.

    good luck with it
  12. Thanks for the tip Sheppo......riding to work again this Sunday (weather permitting, this weekend looks shocking for Sydney) so I get another go at scratching my bike!