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Dropped it!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bambam_101, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. Headed off to the city tonight for a mates party. Lil bit windy and very light drizzle. Great ride in, found a place to park nice and easy and even had a good night at the party......sober.

    Went to leave and the rain had picked up a bit. Bike was parked on the footpath on little colins st facing into the traffic. Rolled along the footpath to a driveway and started a u-turn to get onto the road. Car came along so i braked and put my foot down half way through the turn. Bike stopped, foot came down on to the wet pavement and then i felt it slip.....

    Felt the bike tipping ontop of me and before i knew it i was on my back with my right leg pinned under the bike. Dont know if it was partly to shock or the pain of a 170kg bike pinning you leg on the ground but i lay there for about 20 seconds just lookign up at the sky. Managed to pull my leg out and then pick the bike up. To be honest, i nearly accidentally threw it over on its other side i was that pissed off! Not sure where the strength came from!

    People are assholes!! 5 guys standing on the other side of the road did just that. Stood there and watched. 2 girls walking by were giggling as the walked past. I was still pinned under the bike at this stage too. Laying there that long it must have looked like i was hurt or something. Anyway, to those people i got one word....KARMA.

    Scraped the right bar end, mirror and brake lever, very minorly. Small scrape on fairing but it has cracked around one of the screws holding it on. Not too bad all up i guess. I can live with the damage but i do want to fix it so as its a reminder to take more care next time. Anyone know how much a new right hand side, lower fairing piece would cost? Do they come painted or do they need to be colour matched? Is it worth taking the bike to get checked out to see if any other damage was done? She seems to ride fine.

    I think i came out of it pretty well considering but man is my leg and ass sore at the moment! I think the ride home in the cold has kinda numbed it a bit so we'll see in the morning i guess!!!

  2. Yeah some people r arseholes i wish i knew which ones so that i would'nt stop and help them when ther traped in there burning cages but yeah.
    i just dont know how u can walk past someone pinned under a bike (had a simmilar spill mayself ages ago)

    learn to plastic weld it will save u a fortune.
  3. Yup, bystander affect is becoming a worldwide epidemic. Its a sad world we live in. When i crashed my back about a year ago (got knocked off by a car that drove off) not 1 car stopped to see if i was ok, i hit the ground at about 80 and just lay there bleeding out of my leg, traffic just detoured around me and kept going. One guy even beeped at me. ASSHOLES.

    Hope it doesnt cost too much to repair mate.
  4. Should be around $350 mark depends on the type of bike!
    You should be able to buy it in the colour you need!
  5. Welcome to the world of slippery ground. I've had a few adrenaline rushes from greasy spots in car parks - boot feels like it's skating on ice. Adrenaline rush quickly subsides and replaced by embarrassment, self-anger, etc.

    Bummer about the rotten attitude from the passers by though it might have been a blessing in disguise give what happened here https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=27155&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=.

    Hope you are ok - it might be worth a trip to the doc though. You were licensed, registered, on a road (literally :roll: ) so I think that TAC pick up the bill. Happy to be corrected / confirmed on this by the forum.
  6. Your fine the bikes fine & thats the main thing.
  7. Thanks for the encouragement guys and gals.

    Woke up this morning to go to gym and my ass and thigh are swollen like a balloon! When i sit down it feels like ive got a wallet full of 20c coins in my back pocket! Nothing too bad tho.

    Im more upset about damaging my pride and ego. Was very confident on the bike until last night. Ridden everyday for the last two months and was settling quite well. Not over confident but comfortable. I guess this is a reality check that sometimes these things do bite if your not giving them 100% attention. Last night was only the second time riding in the rain and i hadnt even considered the posibiility of my feet slipping before. Hopefully small mishaps like this build up skills and wisdom.

    As they say, you start life with a full bag of luck and an empty bag of experience. Gotta try and fill the latter up before the other runs out!
  8. its good to hear your okay. i'm still on my L's and the one thing i've learnt from dropping my bike and getting into close calls is that one thing you mentioned, 'filling up that bag of empty experiences'.

    i'm also a bit angry to hear about the by standers. it's just plain annoying when you are in a situation such as your stack. lucky you hadnt been riding for long, otherwise the heat from the bike would have caused more damage.

    as for costs; i know new brake levers cost between 30 and 40. no idea on mirrors. the earlier quote on farings sound correct - however, there's no paint job on them... so paint will cost extra. i think your probably better off leaving the fairings as it is... unless the crack is going to cause your fairings to snap off.

    as for mechanical damage; i think you'd be find seeing that you fell off at a slow speed - but dont take my word. i guess some fuel and coolant would have spilled out when you dropped it - dont be too worried about that; as the coolant would have come from the reservior tank, and fuel from the top of your tank (where you put petrol in - the hole isnt sealed completetly).
  9. I'm glad to hear you're ok, and the swelling will go down in time....especially when you remove the cash out of the wallet to pay for the damage....Thats the bit I hate, hurting my bike....then having to make it all better :(

    Seriously though, I've noticed if I ride in anything other than my Alpinestar boots I don't get the same sort of traction on wet roads and white lines. The riding boots just seem to grip better, has anyone else found this?
  10. Sorry to hear about your drop - Maybe part of what most riders have in common is the feelings you have just gone thru (pride and ego). I know i've been there. Hope you and the bike heal well.
  11. And the lessons learnt should be:
    1 Make sure the road is clear before starting your Uturn.
    2 Make sure your bike is upright before you apply the brakes.

    I noticed you didn't say which brake you used..can you remember? I'm wondering if it was the front. :?:

    IMHO the wind and rain don't change any technicque.

    But hey you're ok and the bike is still rideable, your pride might be hurt, but it'll mend. :wink:
  12. I find the opposite. The soles on my Sidi boots feels slippery in the wet especially driveway and white paint. But I never wear runners while on the bike so I can only compare to wearing runners while walking around.

    bambam: check these guys out for cheap parts. they sometimes have new. got me a brand new brake lever for $30. again depends what bike you have they mostly stock japanese parts.
  13. Yeah the road was clear but little collins st is very narrow and on a friday night there are cars parked everywhere. I started to turn and a parked car pulled out and i had no choice to brake. Didnt have time to get the bike upright. It was only very slightly tipped anyway. All happened in a split second. I was only going at walking speed and had both legs dangling. (i was kinda walking with the bike)

    Since my legs were down i had to use the front brake. It wasnt a violent brake or anything so im not putting it down to that. My foot simply slipped as it touched down and i lost balance.

    I dont think it was my fault or the cars fault. It was simply just one of those things that happen. Will definately pay more attention to the surface next time tho.

    PS just quoted me $190 for new rhs fairing already painted and set to bolt on! Bit happier now. Its a Hosung GT250R.
  14. Unlucky mate. Very nearly did the same thing myself at a servo in the wet. My Rivets slipped on some diesel near the pump. Managed to keep it upright.
    Gotta agree about bystanders. Think yourself lucky they didn't video it with their phone & upload it to YouTube or something. That seems to be the modern way. I work in a Police Communications centre and I'm constantly amazed at the number of people who ring 000 on their mobile to tell us about "really bad" accidents but when we ask them if persons are trapped or injured etc they respond with "I don't know. I didn't/couldn't stop..." Human compassion at its finest. Whizz past the accident scene and use your mobile but don't bother stopping to see if everyone's okay. The "I couldn't stop" scenario is my favourite as I usually respond with "Why, isn't your vehicle fitted with brakes?"
  15. Jezzas! You rode into the city last night??

    Either you have balls or you're a lunatic! lol

    Anyway I hope it all goes well.

    Oh just a tip, don't put your foot down when you're braking in mid corner. Can have pretty nasty precusion if you fall and in your case you were lucky. I generally try to keep the bike upright and straight when i put my feet down.

    And while we're on the topic of rain in Melbourne, avoid the tram tracks at a hint of rain drops. No in fact avoid roads with tram tracks completely.
  16. poor guy!
    You'll look back on in one day and laugh.
    I know I would and do.

    I've filled up my experience bag alot.
    new bike huh?
    that's partly why this thread was put up

    my first bike was a POS sorta and when I did drop it, spray can came out and I just covered it up :grin: couldn't notice crappy paint job instantly or from far away.
  17. poor guy!
    You'll look back on in one day and laugh.
    I know I would and do.

    I've filled up my experience bag alot.
    new bike huh?
    that's partly why this thread was put up

    my first bike was a POS sorta and when I did drop it, spray can came out and I just covered it up :grin: couldn't notice crappy paint job instantly or from far away.
  18. As previously mentioned, u live to ride another day, thats the main thing.

    dude, it happens as for those arse&*les watching, man that's just low!!

    Thats what really ticks me off these days, peoples ego's and lack of friggin respect for other human beings...........there sh*t stings just like ours.

    whatever happend to having some bloody compassion???
  19. I mean't "stinks' not stings.....:))